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  1. thanks for your input guys, it is very much appreciated. does anyone here own a pair of Helios Apollos? are they worth the extra £200 over the Quantum 4s ??
  2. maybe i should increase my budget on a pair of bins but i want as good an image as poss on a budget of £300. Bins would sort the "grab and go" style i like but it means i sacrifice better quality images. got SPEC print outs of Skywatcher Evostar 120 (EQ3-2), Skywatcher Startravel 120 (AZ3) and Helios Quantum 4 bins. i want quality images of night sky objects but i need to be able to shift on foot as and when without breaking my back. You know, all these print outs, i feel like a kid in a sweet shop!
  3. need to keep the gear light and as little bulk as poss as have a good spot up a long flight of stairs so easy to shift gear required
  4. specs say they can take the load but experience is better, cheers for that, i dare say you may have saved me a couple of black eyes and busted equipment!
  5. to be used as a bit of an "all rounder" if you will. not overly fussed about terrestrial viewing though, primarily lunar, planetary and night sky viewing.
  6. looking at Skywatcher startravel 120 as first scope, what do you guys think?
  7. thanks for that one. how do you think the ones you have perform?
  8. nicnac

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    thank you all for the warm welcome
  9. can get a suitable tripod for about £80 definitely going for the Helios quant 4 but which spec?? should i get the big lad (25x100) the 20x90 or the 20x80trip??
  10. think, at the moment, I am leaning towards the quant-4 25x100, maybe the 20x80
  11. straight through and fixed i believe, do have a recommendation?
  12. nicnac

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    cheers, right back @ you.
  13. Maybe somebody could recommend alternatives too ??
  14. nicnac

    new to forum

    found this site as a link when researching bins, looks good, I will be popping in quite regular.
  15. looking to purchase a pair of bins`s but a little stumped on which pair, does anyone here have any experience with the Revelation 20x100 and the Helios quantum 4 25x100 ?? which one is best?? I have seen the specs for both but would appreciate the first hand experience one of you guys may have. Cheers. Nick
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