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  1. sounds interesting, some pics would be nice you missed it then? lol
  2. you know what they say "where there is water there is life" sunlight isnt much of a factor really, think of all the deep sea life that has no sunlight at all. it is exciting though, alien crustaceans and cephalopod found "elsewhere" oo eer! as much as somebody will say "so what, we have them too" (dullard) it will peak my interest
  3. i was scoffing into my brew and raising an eyebrow (as one does) and then i remembered what day it was... or should i say date
  4. TAL have a fair range of telescopes, OVL just dont supply them all. i have the 150P and i can say hand on heart that i would not swap it for anything other than a larger TAL
  5. ask the chaps a FLO and see if they will do a "break down" for you, to be honest though, a full set up at the price they are asking is a real steal
  6. Stargazers Lounge - nicnac's Album: my kit few quick shots i took a wee while back
  7. sent Andy a pm for you, doesnt say he is a blocked user on his account. he seems a most decent chap and will no doubt be back on very soon. just checked his sig too and it states he has an alcor so... you in luck
  8. FLO have them First Light Optics - Celestron X-Cel LX eyepiece david hinds will have them too (celestron dealer) http://www.celestron.uk.com/viewsubcategories2.php/accessories/eyepieces/16
  9. further note, those Xcel LX's you have work a treat in the TAL 150P. i was toying with the idea of getting the 100RS and a skytee but then i though "why, the TAL barlow (supplied) increases my f ratio. i know where you are coming from on the back issue, you wont get that with a newt but you may get the "neck" issue with the straight through finder. i know! you just cant win can you! i just wish that the right angled finder TAL have produced for their 150APO could be bought seperate
  10. indeed, great info source that was
  11. love mine to bits and more. when i bought mine, it was OTA only but i have heard nothing but good things from their mounts, a bit quirky too, something to do with the setting circles being a bit wierd. all of TAL's stuff is made of rolled steel, not like some others, they use aluminium which is lighter but "softer" so there is a more weighty issue with the TALs
  12. the TAL i can comment on, the 150P is very sturdy and built to last, the mirror coatings are very very good. having looked through a "Chinese" model, well lets say no contest, the TAL is just better. i have had some amazing views through mine, exquisite luna views, Mars, excellent detail with shaded areas and the polar cap. fine banding of Jupiter and very sharp views of saturn and its glorious rings. So, robust in construction, excellent mirror coatings and comes with a GEM and other little extras, a fantastic finder too.... my vote, the TAL and at the price? its a no brainer really. keep us informed and i look forwards to reading a review! PS. they hold collimation like a fat guy holding a cake, very good (no offence meant, not super thin myself lol) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/tal/tal-150p-newtonian-reflector.html the new models (2009 onwards) come with a 2/1.25" focuser
  13. AndyH is the one you may want to talk to on this, i believe he has excellent experience
  14. still nothing on this end. good result for you though
  15. i only really use the mak and the bins in summer, both on the horizon mount so up and running and just a few mins. summer time is a great time to clear those cards for winter though
  16. £80 ish for the Xcel LX isnt too bad, they are great performers (at f5 in my own experience) much more than that, i think i would be um-ing and err-ing though. should be an interesting few weeks as far as price hikes are concerned
  17. mine is a real corker! every time i get the fever, i just set up and have a gander... the fever is gone a few more years and i think i may need stronger "calpol" mind say a 250mm
  18. orion do a black one Orion Right-Angle Finderscopes - SCS Astro
  19. there is a 6x30 right angled finder that skywatcher do, that should fit but....... well, its just not TAL lol... and its blue
  20. E for me but C and D do make me try harder
  21. Im surprised to hear that a barlow was not included in the package, you should have, along with the eyepieces that Andy stated and a threaded crosshair reticle and a T thread adaptor too. have you noticed that most adverts for it are wrong yet? 2" rack and pinion instead of thee 1.25", which is a boon. A real fine telescope you have, as you will discover Once collimated, it hold superbly, you may want to center spot the primary at some point, makes using a cheshire collimator easier. Astrobabys web site can show you how to do this. the stock EPs are good but you may want to upgrade, the celestron xcel lc work a treat in this telescope. You are going to have some great views through that telescope and it will last a lifetime, its a tank of a scope, much more solid than the flimsy things you can buy elsewhere. enjoy!
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