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  1. Neither did i haha, portion of muscle has torn from a rib or two, doesn't feel very pleasant i can say that for sure. Thanks for the well wish
  2. Oh dear, that's two down. Hope its not giving you too much discomfort
  3. Got the emulgel, smells like ar gerts nail polish remover. Its been recommended that i get my arm strapped to stop me using it. It could take up to ten weeks to heal. Im not impressed, i truly feel past my sell by date. Plus point …… "sorry luv, cant hoover, poorly booby"
  4. Took two weeks off and was looking forwards to some clear skies, had a couple so far. did i get the TAL out? Did i get the bins out? Can i get either out in the last few days i have left? No. why? Torn a pec. A busted boob. Charming. So now i can only look up, i'll end up pulling my neck, i can see it now. Bah, it'll be cloudy next
  5. Those little packets of silica gel in the bottom of shoe boxes and new coat pockets, you know, the things you usually chuck in the bin. Hang them from the spider vane before you put the tube caps on when packing up. Keeps my optics bone dry.
  6. For visual, not really, 1/4 - 1/6 appears to be the standard. Imaging, that is where it counts, the better the quality of the optics, the better the image, 1/6 - 1/10 here. Not that a fine image cannot be with a 1/4, oh no. Unless you are a fanatical imager, i wouldn't bother with such an upgrade, you will find (most likely) an unjustifiable expense
  7. one more shift then 15 days off, oh i hope i get some cold clear nights

  8. one more shift then 15 days off, oh i hope i get some cold clear nights

  9. if you go for one, go for the 150P8, it is the TAL 2 but it is parabolic not spherical and it has a 1.25/2" focuser (quoted the wrong member (duh) this one was for komet)
  10. http://www.npzoptics.com/catalog/teleskopes/tal-150apo-catalog/
  11. The 150A is on the NPZ website, was pegged for production last year
  12. You missed TAL (how very dare you!) TALs are fab, thumbs up from me
  13. Im wondering if the smaller vixen 110 would be more "your cuppa"
  14. Yes, tracking is the issue for taking photo's. The 130 would still be my choice, a fast widefield good for dso's. It has a focal length of around f5, a barlow will double it (roughly) and then you have an f10. As i see it, if in doubt, get the faster fl cos you can always double up with a decent barlow.
  15. For his age, i would consider one of the small refractors (skywatcher brand is good) there is a small dobsonian reflector too, a wee little thing, table top job. Have a gander at first light optics web site (sponsors of sgl and a link at top of page)
  16. Thats the mount, you need an equatorial head for imaging dso,s. Alt/az can be used for luna and planetary. The aperture of the 130 is fair for dso's and the fast fl
  17. i cant see any benefit to be honest, if anything it would make viewing more awkward using one with the reflector design. i remember this question popping up when the nick cage film "knowing" came out, with that dodgy prop at the beginning of the film
  18. heavy light polluted skies and needs to be portable. hmm, dont bother with a fast telescope, dso's from london would be nigh on impossible anyway. have you had a look at the vixen VC's? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/vixen/vixen-vc200l.html
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