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  1. the 150P would suit DSOs more and will perform pretty well on the sol objects, it would be better suited to the EQ3 mount too, the PL might be a tad too much. the EQ3 isnt heavy, it can be split down to legs, head and weights mind
  2. great telecopes, im still loving mine. still find myself toying with the idea of getting a 200K and a skytee
  3. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/vixen/vixen-vmc110l.html Have you considered one of these? No corrector plate so lighter and not a bad size
  4. Ignorance and greed, the driving forces or the disease?
  5. i believe in the hop,skip, jump method. base and launch pad on the moon on to mars and repeat....... then onwards from there.
  6. I get most of my gear from first light optics (sponsor of this site) they have a link at the top of the site (desktop version)
  7. First images i found, i found when i typed "images with a TAL 150P" in the google search engine (images) there are a few there that lead to sites
  8. the quantum 4 series are good binocular. i have not tried TS though
  9. nice set up i am not too keen on the head on my 8115 either, i was just going to get one of these though http://www.scsastro.co.uk/catalogue/orion-precision-slow-motion-adaptor.htm
  10. A little mak on a goto would do you fine on solar system bodies
  11. (Que the sweet music in the background, mood lighting up) every experience with my TAL has been great lol. I remember when all the boxes arrived a couple of years back, i opened the box and was greeted with a pristine white rolled steel ota, TAL branding all bright and flash on the side, once i finished gawping i set it all up (mine is on a CG5, not the pillar GEM) I found myself at that scary point, checking collimation. It was near spot on, even after the journey it had undertaken to get to my lil patch. I spent the next few nights out in the yard swinging the TAL this way and that way (as you do) every session collimation was checked and nothing had budged at all. Good times. Then, a heart attack moment, i left the ota in the kitchen whilst i set the mount up out back, a horrid sickening bang i heard from indoors, the boy had knocked the ota over. One was not amused. A quick set up and colli check…… nothing! The only evidence of the knock over, a tiny scratch and the year off my life. In short…… the TAL is a tough cookie that holds collimation very well. On to views. First off, the moon. i was very pleased with what the TAL showed considering it is a widefield scope, it shows high mags very well with great contrast which would be further bumped up if the ota had been flocked (which ive not got around to yet) Mars was close so i gave that a go with the supplied TAL plossls, a 25mm and a 7.5mm, again, great views. A red/hue with dark markings and polar cap. Fine detail. Pleades, managed to see faints wisps of nebulosity which was awesome and quite unexpected. Orion, shocked to get colour! Greeny blue hues. I could go on and on, needless to say, i am most happy with the 150P. The only time i get aperture fever is when ive not had the TAL out for a couple of weeks. As soon as i do, the burn is gone and im more than content with 150mm. I am always in awe with what i see through the TAL, even if i have seen it many times before. The TAL150p is a great deep sky telescope and not shabby on the planets either. In my opinion, it is a great all rounder that is easy to shift around, set ip and use and it will last a lifetime.… what am i saying? Its a TAL! Its designed that way
  12. All i see is a blank post here but you say TAL 1. Try astrobabys website, Mel did a full overhaul of one and there is plenty of info there
  13. A TAL will last a lifetime. The TAL 1 is still a big seller these days, that should say how well regarded they still are. I have the 150P and it is a great telescope
  14. Another link to a TAL seller, might be an easier purchase than from italy http://lzos.ru/en/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=156&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2&vmcchk=1&Itemid=2
  15. Opticron imagics from FLO are really good in the 50mm bracket. Helios quant 4 70mm are good but the apollo series are better. Depends on what you want to spend. All are available on the first light optics web site (sponsors of SGL)
  16. there is one in stockport http://www.telescope...noculars.co.uk/ not sure what they are like though and these http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Root/Root-Home.asp
  17. Collimating is never a waste of time, its paramount to the views, especially with reflectors. TAL dont do center spots but they are easy to slap on. Read astro babys collimation guide and guide to ceter spotting, its on her website (along with loads of other good stuff)
  18. Those EPs mentioned are 1.25" nice wide view though and very comfortable to use, not like that 7.5mm plossl (or pinhole as i call it)
  19. you could make your own.... http://www.backyardvoyager.com/cg5tripod.html
  20. i would opt for a CG5, the thicker legs would suit the TAL2 weight/dimensions better, if its only visual work you are interested in go for the non-goto, save some pennies
  21. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepiece.html these work a treat in the TAL too
  22. the TAL is a cracker, youre going to love it, much sturdier than most. make sure you get youre mits on the original finder though, that little gem is a telescope in its own right
  23. merry Christmas folks

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