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  1. Having moved house last year, I’ve finally found some time to get out and take some images from my own garden, but also from the surrounding countryside.   I’ve mainly being focusing on wide angle images of the sky using my acquired. Rokinon 8mm and Samyang  14mm lens. 








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  2. 20 hours ago, spaceman_spiff said:

    The orientation of objects in the sky is reversed in the Southern hemisphere (from the perspective of someone living north of the equator), so Orion is upside-down there and Sirius is placed above it high in the sky. Here it is below Orion and never rises too high. Have a play around of Stellarium to see for yourself.

    Ill be checking it out later.  But it makes perfect sense.  

  3. iso1600 18-200mm canon lens at 18mm f3.5 and exposures of around 20-30 seconds.    But the 40D has now being joined by a 77D.  

    We're lucky in that we are at the end of a private road and there is no street lights close to us.  The property is surrounded on three sides by open fields.   The view to the north can get light polluted as that looks over the town.  I hope to create a pier to mount the telescope on. I'll keep you updated on its progress. 

  4. Micro fibre socks, neoprene socks and then my sundridge hot foot boots for the feet. Best thing I ever purchased.  Had them for yonks and still going strong 

    walking base layers in mid season ratings.

    mountain jacket. 

    Microfibre gloves.  Nomex gloves if it gets really cold.   


    Im a keen angler and hill walker, rock climber, so I learnt to keep warm many years ago with appropriate equipment.  Which if you layer up properly leaves you with full movement whilst keeping you toasty inside.  

  5. I'm fairly new to the world of telescope astronomy. But I'm the proud owner of an Orion Optics vx8 with a 1/10th Mirror upgrade.  I'm not planning on getting rid anytime soon so I'm not overally worried about depreciation.  As for customer services feedback I can say I have never had an issue with them. I've always found them friendly and polite, and as the factory is not that far away I can always pop in should I need to. 

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  6. Nice photo.  The light show last night was pretty spectacular even down here in Stoke-on-Trent.  But I didn't go out with the camera or the telescope. I'd been celebrating Mother's Day in the pub earlier.   But it's predicted to be similar tonight, so you may get another chance to take more images.   I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I'll be able to get out with the camera

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  7. I was in a similar boat a few months ago, but with trial error I've had some great views of Jupiter .  Jupiter is currently a big bright ball of light in the early evening skies of the east.  Using Star walk & Aligning my finder scope using Jupiter as the target to align the scopes made for some fantastic views of Jupiter the other evening.   Even with the Synscan system fitted I found it difficult to get the planet centre eyepiece without some aligning.  Mind it always helps if you polar aligned your scope properly first.  Something in my haste I haven't being doing. 

  8. A quality eye piece is on my list of things to get.   But which ones to get is a bit of a mystery.  Tempted to get a zoom one first to see which ranges suit me and them go from there.  I might get a decent barlow too.    But last night was a great chance to align my spotting scope with the main tube.  Well what better way to get a distant object centre scope in both eye pieces.    My scope was an insurance settlement after a house fire, but I put extra to the insurance monies to get this scope . I wouldn't have been able to get one otherwise. 

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