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  1. Awsome - congrats Olly, keep up the good work
  2. Thanks very much, appreciate the link, what a huge list, something there for everyone - but I might give the one named CLAP a miss
  3. Wouldn't mind having a look for it tonight - believe its crossing between Andromeda and Cassiopia, question is, even if I did get the time and location right - is it visible with my little 6inch Dob? I've got a great dark site and if metcheck is a little more reliable that it's been lately should be clear from midnight till dawn - no work tomorrow what do you folks think, must be worth a few hours effort !
  4. If you were truly dedicated to this fine hobby, you would have both your legs cut off from the knees and just get on with it
  5. Very nice, I love andromeda, I struggled to find it initially as Im fairly new to this, but always take a peek at it now
  6. Thanks very much - I really enjoyed the slideshow - spectacular
  7. Thanks for all the info folks - very much appreciated, its so good to tap into all that collective knowledge you just got to love this site
  8. Thanks Moonshane, I have already discovered the joys of Stellarium and Turn Left at Orion - and have built up a nice bag of messiers. Will take a look at the list of equipment that you have kindly provided
  9. I have only been active in this fine hobby for about a year - got my scope in Feb and been hooked since. I have developed an interest mostly in DSO's - it's just so rewarding when you find them Currently I am using the standard 1.25 EP ( 25mm and 10mm )that came with the scope and a 6mm and x2 Barlow that I purchased shortly afterwards. I have to say that I have had a fair amount of success, but without doubt, it's been the 25mm that has given best return for my money - the Barlow has not impressed at all - which brings me finally to my question - lol Would it be worthwhile if I were to buy
  10. Just spent 4 hours out on the clearest night for a long time Gave Jupiter an hour or so - best view I've ever had, it's not often I break out the 6mm EP, but so glad I did - stunning, even with my little six inch Dob - happy days !!
  11. I'm just up the road in Lincoln - and usually free weekend nights, would be nice to have some company for a change - will watch the thread
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