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  1. Comet Lovejoy from my back garden, Bad bad light pollution so i had to do a bit of processing in PS to bring out the colour, but it is there. Happy Comet hunting!
  2. Hey all, happy new year. I've got a slight problem with my SW 130P. I was doing the collimation on my scope the other night with my laser collimator and i got it within the circle on the primary mirror, but when i moved the focuser up and down the the laser point would move out of the circle depending where i moved the focuser too. Any idea what could be happening? TBH, it could be something i've done at some point, as in my attempt to collimate before, before i've properly read guides etc, i messed around with a lot of screws on my tube, even the spider ones(oops). I'd quite like to get this
  3. After close examination with Stellarium, i realised i caught the Triangulum Galaxy and Open Cluster C28! Well happy.
  4. Decided to use my GO-TO mount with my DSLR instead of my scope Sunday night and managed to get a glimmer of Andromeda. This image is a stack of 86 frames of 15 second exposures(Light pollution is bad round here!) I've followed a guide on processing etc and im quite happy with what i've managed to bring out. Definately don't see that many stars with the naked eye here! Any tips welcome
  5. Hmmm, don't know how to get pictures to show up in posts now that i can't use Flickr.
  6. Hey all. 2 from last night of Jupiter, one which i've managed to capture the moones Europa, Ganymede and Io. Not to savvy with processing and the like and followed a guide i found on the net. Happy with them though. Skywatcher 130p and Philips Webcam. x2 Barlow Jupiter27122013psedit.bmp Jupiter27122013(3)psedit.bmp
  7. Caught three faint Perseids (i hope) last night. I've checked with Heavens Above for my location and it does not show any Iridum Flares for the times they were caught and also the trails don't carry on other frames so can't be satellites, so hopefully! First one is easy to see, second and third may need to squint! Near the left hand side of the frame. Taken at 23:48. Here is a close up. This one is near the top of the frame and was taken at 00.36 Same as the last one, near the top of the frame.
  8. I was still out looking for Perseids when the ISS went over again. An hour and a half later than the last one, boy is that quick! Here it is entering Earths shadow.
  9. I can't get enough of the Space Station when it goes over. Love the fact there are people up there watching down on us. Anyway, this evenings capture at 8 second exposure. I Thanks for looking
  10. Thanks. Shame it was not completely dark as i love the single frame captured flares.
  11. I saw this one too, Very bright. Unfortuantly i had the camera facing in the other direction!
  12. Yeah forecast looks alright for me too in Berkshire. Good luck.
  13. Nice catch. I had the camera set up in the garden for an hour and a half last night and caught nothing. Saw 5 with my own eyes though, 2 that really streaked across the sky!
  14. Doh! Posted in right forum wrong section! Can someone please move this to imaging. Thanks in advance
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