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  1. Well, I took it with me and after we had seen the new year in, the moon was up in the clear sky. I got it out of the car, fitted it up quickly in my mates drive and BINGO! - a clear view of the moon, craters and all. Fantastic. Everyone was impressed. Well pleased. Now to bed. Goodnight and an happy new year to everyone.
  2. Lol @ the OP. I'm in the same boat and I posted this last night: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/259428-am-i-doing-something-wrong/#entry2838983
  3. I'm in Hornchurch and I had the same as you in so far as that when the moon started to rise it was a clear sky but it was obscured by a tree in my garden. As it was rising it started to get cloudy and by the time it had cleared the trees it was in full cloud. I can only see the moon for the first 3 or 4 hours before it goes over my house - after that, I'd need to set my scope up in my street. Might have to take my scope round my friends house when we go round there on New Years Eve!
  4. Thanks all. I downloaded Stellarium and had a play around with it and I came to the conclusion that the pink star I saw was called Betlegeuse (I always thought that was Mars!). I also noted that the moon was still below the horizon and after looking on the 'net saw that it was due to rise at 20:49 tonight. Then it went all cloudy! Just looked again and it is patchy at the moment so I might get my first view of the moon yet. Fingers crossed.
  5. ....or am I just expecting too much? Since getting a telescope as a present for Christmas, this is the first cloudless night I've had so I've been out in my garden and had a look around. Can't see the moon so I've looked at a few stars using both the eyepieces that my scope came with. One is a wide angle one and the other is a 10mm one. I have a 150mm scope. My 'problem' is that I can see the stars that I am looking at just as good by using a pair of cheap binoculars that I pinched from a theatre in London thirty years ago and that's barely better than what I'm seeing through the finder scope! My ever helpful wife is asking me whether I've taken the lens cap off! Is that it? Oh, one of the stars is a bit pinker than the rest, what's that one?
  6. Looks like I might get a chance to use it for the first time tonight. Fingers crossed!
  7. Hello from Essex. Just joined up as my wife bought me a telescope for Christmas. It's a Sky-Watcher 150P and my wife took advice from forums such ad this one as to what starter set up she could get me. I hope it's the right size foe a learner. So far I've assembled it and later today I'm going to actually read the manual and set it up. Then it's just a matter of waiting for a clear sky. I'm a complete novice and just reading through some of the posts on here I can see I've got a lot to learn regarding star spotting and all the terminology that is used so I'm apologising in advance for all the newbie questions I'll probably ask! Firstly though, I've noticed online that they do a 'moon filter' for my model. What does it do and is it worth getting one?
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