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  1. It's the color of the Baader 570nm LP filter I used. It was recommended by someone since it provides a little more light for my size scope rather than the 610nm red filter. http://www.highpointscientific.com/telescope-accessories/filters/baader-planetarium-orange-570nm-longpass-filter-1pt25in-fcfo-1
  2. Could only get 1200 frames in this capture and wasn't able to get any detail before clouds rolled in quickly. I'll give it another shot once I get some clear skys. Taken with a 8" SCT and ASI290MC.
  3. I've used an ASI178MC for planatery imaging and it works great with my f/10 scope and no barlow. Attached is a pic of Jupiter with a couple of moons I took with it.
  4. Thanks. I was going to try Neptune tonight as well as using this new 570nm longpass filter on Uranus but the clouds just rolled in so my night is done. L
  5. Thanks. I'm going to try to image it with a 570 nm Longpass Filter tonight and see what I get. Also going to try stepping up to the 2x barlow but it may be too much for the camera at f/20+. L
  6. Thanks! I did use the 8SE and a 1.5x barlow with an ASI290MC.
  7. First attempt to capture Uranus since I started imaging earlier this year. Not sure how much better I can get with all the LP and the size of my scope.
  8. Celestron X-Cel LX 7 mm 1.25" Eyepiece $40 shipped - Paypal gift SOLD
  9. Thanks for the advice folks. Looks like I'll go with the 24mm,68° eyepiece. Again, thanks for the input. L
  10. As the subject says is the TV 25mm plossal that much better than the stock one that comes with the 8SE? Thinking about pullng the trigger on a TV 25mm from what little reading I've done. L
  11. Looking to see if anyone is or has used a barlow with the 178 as described above. I have a 290MC I use a 1.5x barlow with and have great results. I'm wanting the larger sensor of the 178 but not sure if even a 1.5x barlow would be too much given it's pixel size and a f/10 scope. L
  12. I'll be trying out my WiFi with my Starsense for the first time tonight so I hope I have as good of luck. L
  13. Decided to go a different direction. Filter goes with the camera as you'll need it if you don't already have one. $330 shipped. Paypal gift
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