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  1. Ah that would explain it then, thanks guys
  2. Hey all, haven't been on here for a few days, been working long days Last night was the first night since New Year's Eve (I think) that it hasn't been cloudy, so I managed to get the scope out, I connected the camera to it hoping to get some pics, but for some reason it's not letting me adjust the Aperture Exposure and ISO adjust fine, the camera is in full manual mode, auto focus is turned off and I set the focus manually, noise reduction is turned off, not sure if either of those settings would stop me adjusting the Aperture or not? Just wondering if anyone can shed some light? The camera is a Nikon D3300 Thanks Jay
  3. Woops, stupid tapatalk thought I was on a different forum, so ignore that, my bad
  4. Now we're in my hobby realm sign up on stargazers lounge mate www.stargazerslounge.com a very helpful and friendly bunch, there's loads of people on there that have the Dobsonian telescopes, me being one of them all you could ever want to know can be found on there, I'm on there under the same username as here
  5. Yeah, I did try taking some shots of the moon through the eyepiece, found it very difficult to keep my phone in the right place, I ordered a mount to hold my phone the other day, just waiting for it to arrive then I'll give it another shot
  6. I have a telescope mount for my camera, ordered one to hold my Iphone too but that hasn't arrived yet Rik, cheers mate, I only noticed the imaging forum today, have started reading through the tutorials and tips now
  7. Cheers guys, I'll change those settings now
  8. Ah very good point, never thought of doing that, thanks mate
  9. Just thought I would post this for those that had the same problem as me and doesn't know how to do it. Here is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Astrophotography-Star-Photo-Stacking/?ALLSTEPS I found it very helpful
  10. Definitely mate, I live about 10 miles away from any street light and I was viewing about an hour and a half before moonrise so the sky was perfect
  11. Ah maybe I won't use Lightroom for it then lol
  12. Thanks mate I'll try those next time I go out and yeah, that's the lens I have
  13. Thanks guys now it makes more sense, will download the software now Dan, yeah I always shoot in RAW, pics turn out a lot better Can you use Lightroom for stacking? I have that now
  14. I've seen a fair few people mention this, just wondering what it is and how you do it? Haha Also, subs, what is that? Lol Sorry, probably stupid questions but this is my first DSLR so I really have no idea
  15. Yeah lens cap was definitely off, yeah I manually set the focus onto the brightest star first I've with the exposure set to 20 seconds too, my aperture goes down to 4.2, I'll have another bash at it on the next clear night and use the tips suggested here, really want to get this nailed, dying to get some pics I managed to take some pics of the moon last night and they came out fine, just using camera and tripod, I only have a 18-55 zoom lens for my camera at the min so couldn't get real close up to it
  16. Yeah I've been using the lowest power eyepiece, I only have a 25mm and a 10mm so far, use the 25 for most things I'll have a look at that next time I go out currently chucking it down with rain and really windy which doesn't look like it's going to clear any time soon
  17. That's a good shot, making me jealous lol Well, the moon and Jupiter has come up so I'm off out with the scope again
  18. So, I've been out tonight trying to take pictures, I've tried with M31, M41 and M45 but all I get is a completely black picture, bit confused really I've tried all sorts of settings, did a quick search on google and for taking pics of the stars with just a camera and tripod are 15secs exposure, f/5.6 aperture f/5.6 and iso 1600, but I still got a black screen, even just using the camera on a tripod Could anyone shed some light as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance Ps. I should probably state, I am using the camera in Manual mode, AF turned off and the camera is a Nikon D3300
  19. Definitely is mate, it's definitely the best thing I've seen through my scope so far Just waiting for Jupiter to pop up now, not much longer to wait now, should be in the sky on the south after midnight with the moon in hot pursuit
  20. I've also just bought this book because of the amount of people talking about it on here, hasn't arrived yet, will give feedback when it does
  21. Well I've just been out looking at the Orion Nebula for the very first time, spent over an hour just staring at it It's completely exceeded my expectations, absolutely stunning, I just wish I could figure out how to take a pic of it Stunning, truly stunning
  22. I did end up finding M31 earlier Orion Nebula us up and a piece of cake to find, I've not looked at it through the scope yet, I'm going to go in a mo then stare at for a while, I've tried taking pics of M45 and M31 but had no luck, all I get is completely black pics using these settings 30secs, f/5.6 and iso 1600
  23. I'm out tonight too, I've been out since 6:30, been looking at M45 and M31, just waiting for Orion to get up a bit higher then view that for a bit, then back in to wait for Jupiter and the moon to pop up Moonrise is at 23:21 here
  24. I do have Stellarium but I've got to admit that I don't use it very often, I think today I'm going to fiddle with it and get to know my way around it a lot better than I do now M45 really caught my eye last night, I went out to look to see if the cloud had cleared at all, it had, I spent a couple of minutes looking at the stars, there was one star that I was looking at that every time I looked away it turned into a cloud so I just had to go get the scope and have a look at it, it was M45, if only all of them were that simple to find lol
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