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  1. Nice one, Keith. I've not long had a Celestron 127 GoTo - about 4 months, I think, and it's been almost continuous rain and cloud since! It must clear up soon! I have however had some opportunities and seen some fabulous objects. Yes, the excitement is almost palpable. It's what you get at this time of life - good, isn't it?
  2. Thanks, Paul. That makes sense. Tracking in alt-az is equivalent to doing it in RA, but not quite as smooth. I hope.........
  3. Thanks again. Re the highlighted bit above - I would have expected tracking to be in alt and az (rather than RA) with an alt-az mount. Is that what you meant, or have I just learned something new? Incidentally, the straight-through finder went straight back. I can contort myself quite a bit, but it's having everything doubly inverted that I didn't like.
  4. I'm cancelling my endoscopy appointment.
  5. Welcome, Trevor. You'll like it here!
  6. I was there a few months ago. Your in for a hell of a ride. Oh, one thing..................you'll need to loosen the purse-strings!
  7. Yes, laudropb, thanks! And good morning to you up in Glasgow!
  8. Just doing the Futurelearn free course on Orion, run by the OU. The OU has remote access to the Pirate Telescope in Majorca. It has a 17" mirror, and a focal length of 3m. And the OU uses the excellent Stellarium to acquire coordinates to direct Pirate onto objects.
  9. Dead right. What a thoroughly rewarding pastime this is!
  10. Got the bands OK Steve - it's seeing any colour that's the problem. I shall keep trying at different times/conditions: patience will bring its reward! No date, but you can probably guess !
  11. Steve - Thanks for the tip. I'll try in on Jupiter as well - it remains resolutely grey, but I intend to tease some colour out of it! BTW - 1949 was a great year to be born. Doug.
  12. Jim - mine is similar - a Celestron 127, 1500mm. I have EPs from 32mm to 6mm (Skywatcher UWA Planetary), giving from x47 to x250. I have used the x250 on the Moon with no probs. - good, clear detail.
  13. Didn't someone recently report that Jupiter looked like oxtail soup? Enough of the facetiousness........
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