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  1. can any one recommend the celestron star sense? Is it realy worth the price?



      C S S Very good .I have a friend who uses it. It works well the biggest draw back is the price.....Dave

    2. Pig


      I used to own one and at first I really liked it..... However, this was short lived as bugs in the software kept materialising (finding and tracking planets due to date and time issues) to the point I had enough of it and returned it.

      Great idea but no so good in practise !!!!! Nowhere near as accurate as some other Goto options.

  2. can anybody t ell me how much the moon in its waxing half or gibbous will affect our ability to see nebula or other deep sky objects ; will filters such as the lumicon or dgm npb help ?
  3. I am a novice astronomer with a go to 6 inch newt . I noticed a tremendous improvement in going to a modestly priced eyepiece ( Williams optics swan 20 mm) over the ones supplied with the telescope.But my question is : can you get decent views any reasonably priced eyepieces or should you buy the pricey nagler , televue, panoptics ?
  4. has any one had success on using bino viewers on reflector telescopes and if so what was the outcome?
  5. has any one used binoviwers on a dobsonian and if so what was the outcome and performance

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