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  1. Thanks for that - I will give that bolt a tweak then... Much appreciated
  2. Hi. I have the Skywatcher Equinox 80, which is a stunning scope. However, when loaded with a DSLR and Field Flatenner, the focus tube does not lock in place with the inadequate thumbscrew. This causes problems when imaging object near the zenith. Is anyone aware of a solution to this problem? I wondered if there was an aftermarket solution anywhere? It's the only flaw in the scope that I have.
  3. JIM, thanks. What did you do in Elements to bring that extra out?
  4. Thanks for your comments. I agree about the blackness - that is straight out of the camera and not through processing. It seems to be the effect of the clip in filter. Without it I am surrounded by street lamps and Scunthorpe steel works, so the pollution is really bad.
  5. HAd a play for the fiurst time with a modded 450D last night. Quite leased with this but would appreciate any hints and tips. Celestron C8, unguided EQ5, Atik Clip in LP filter, 17 subs at 70 seconds each, ISO 1600. Processed in K3CCD and CS3.
  6. This is my first attempt at the Horshead and first light with a modded 450D. Interested in any hints and tips. I used an Atik clip in LP filter (we live in a bad area for light pollution) Celestron C8, unguided EQ5, 17 subs at 90 seconds, ISO 1600.
  7. Hi. I modded a 450D this week, just taking the filter out and not replacing it. Should I be using any other filters when taking pics now? Having tested it on a clear sky last night, exposure times are shorter but it is more sensitive to pollution from street lights. What white balance setting shouldn't I use? I noticed I can get rid of much of the pollution by changing the white balance in the Canon software after download but can't work out the setting in the camera. Is it normal for a modded camera to be more sensitive to light pollution? I have a clip in light pollution filter that clips into my 50D ok, but not the 450D, it drops out! Any advice much appreciated.
  8. This is my first attempt at M42. Used a Celestron C8 on an EQ5 (unguided). EOS 50D (unmodded) and Atik clip filter as I live in a highly light polluted area. 10x90 exposures, ISO1250, stacked in K3CCD. Any feedback very welcome.
  9. I'm afraid I have no idea what went wrong, but I have similar problems using a similar setup (particularly with the Neximage). Will be interested to see any solutions that come your way. Also interested in the "RAW upgrade fix" that you mention, not heard of this...
  10. CThody


    Thanks for your comments. I used DSS on both, but am having real trouble with the settings, so tried a couple of times and got two different outputs! If only I could master DSS I would be happy
  11. Thanks - glad you like it... I agree with you, must be my favourite countryside and hardly any light pollution! :-)
  12. Taken last week in Pembrokeshire. 3x 90 second exposures, some darks and flats (the clouds came so no more lights unfortunately). My first attempt at widefield image with camera mounted on the EQ5. Canon 50D and Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, ISO 2500, 90 second exposures unguided on an EQ-5.
  13. CThody


    A couple of images of M51 taken last week in Pembrokeshire. Celestron C8 SCT with Antares f6.3 focal reducer, Canon 50D, ISO 2500, 14 90 second exposures unguided on an EQ-5, darks and flats.
  14. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for newcomers to K3CCD? I can't work out how to process a series of images from my DSLR. I must be missing something simple!
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