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  1. Thanks again for all the advice - I guess I'll need to take some time in getting the right set up - have found a couple of local ish clubs so I'll pay them a visit - one of them does have an observatory so that looks as though it will be very useful - Cheers Iain
  2. Thanks again guys, seems that no one can praise the Skyliner 200mm Dob highly enough - I think that I just need to see one 'in the flesh' to get a feel for it before I take the plunge
  3. Have just looked at Sara's images on Flickr and they are absolutely phenomenal - just knowing that stuff is out there just makes me want to get set up ASAP
  4. Thanks for the advice, l'll have a look at some more posts but I think I'd be better off getting the best viewing scope and worry about the photos later
  5. Thanks for responding, the budget will be around £300 and I'll just stat with looking at what's out there before I try and take photos, starting with the moon as it's the easiest target (I think) As I've really got no idea what to look for would a Goto system be useful or am I better spending the money on a larger scope?
  6. Hi, my question has probably been asked a thousand times before but here goes anyway......what is the best first telescope to get - Having looked at this for about a month now I'm just getting more confused - ultimately I want to take pictures but realise that may be some way off at this point - ny help would be appreciated
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