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    Astronomy, science, sci-fi, reading, cycling, swimming, running, triathlon, travelling, documentaries, dating, snorkelling, freediving, board games, DSLR photography, astrophotography, music, vinyl, cheap things off ebay, engineering, computers, get the idea? Same as you most likely :)
    As for my telescopes: I got a Celestron 70mm short refractor, a 90mm Jessops reflector, and a 250mm f5 skywatcher reflector, an incomplete purchase off ebay, and work in progress to get it mounts, motors, etc.
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I'm Romanian, born in Bucharest, moved to the UK when I was 13, went to school, college, uni, worked in IT, CNC engineering, moved back to Bucharest in a sort of mid-life crisis and now own a laser engraver and cnc router and make things for a modest living. Quite a chilled out lifestyle in a beautiful country.

Raf xx

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