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  1. Cheers guys, I did shine my led lenser but it totally blew it out. Will try the red torch tip.
  2. Hi all, Any tips on polar scope illumination? I have an EQ3 Pro Goto and using it for the first time to polar align I found it impossible to see the engravings in the scope. Gary
  3. Also had the NPE error but I just ignored it and it worked today. Las night it would not let me go any further......
  4. Hi mate, I am a complete noob myself when it comes to this stuff. However I have just read your post and it seems like you are having the same issues as I was last night. I setup up my mount and scope last night and everything was way off! Similar to yourself! So I ended the night in frustration. I have come back to it today and checked over a few things. The first issue was the telescope was mounted the wrong way around!! Turned it 180deg to fix that. Then I checked the settings in Synscan and found I had entered my Lat and Long in the wrong order. I have now done a rough polar alignment indoors, a 2 star alignment then told synscan to point to the moon and hey presto it was near as damn [removed word] on!! Schoolboy errors or what! Thought I would share anyways, maybe you could double check your settings. Hope you get it sorted pal... Gaz
  5. Cheers for the advice... I have a 50mm prime and was gonna start with that anyway.... Just need some clear skies!
  6. Hi Rich, My Nikon body weighs 760g and my Tamron lens comes in at 1950g. FLO quote the payload as 5kg for imaging and 7kg for visual. Are you telling me then that this is too much? Also, should you include the weight of the counterweights in the payload? BTW my mount is the EQ3 Pro Thanks Gary
  7. Cracking attempt pal, hope to get something like this soon myself. Details of how you captured it would be great....
  8. Cheers guys for the advice... Looks like I will have to get lots of trial and error shots in. Thanks Malc for the guiding info. I have 600mm lens and it looks like that will have to be the way to go. Need to walk before I can run tho
  9. Hi all, first post from myself and looking for a few answers to some queries I have. I own a dslr and have taken some night sky images with it and been very happy with them. These were with a conventional tripod and a 300mm lens. Shutter times were 30secs and star trailing was very evident. Anyhow, I have acquired a Skywatcher EQ3 mount and need some advice on setting it up with my camera. How do I mount my camera to the mount?With no telescope how do I know it's pointing in the right direction? The mount has SynscanI understand polar alignment so if I line up Polaris in the centre of my viewfinder will this be enough to track without star trailing?Thanks in advance Gary
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