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  1. Saw you in the paper this morning if i'm not wrong? Nice one with the andromeda galaxy shot! I last saw you at the star party in Wales some years ago, since then I had a kid and it has never been the same!!!!!
  2. Will it be due again tonight? I may try to catch it in my 20x100.
  3. I caught that, it was very bright...completely unmistakeable.
  4. **** ****. That looks like a window onto the depths of hell. Very very impressive as usual.
  5. :laughing3: I see your imaging has come on in leaps and bounds in the last year. You'll be a pro soon eh Steve?
  6. I spotted you lot on there. Steve you seem to be a little bit bigger than when I last saw you?
  7. You never know! Thanks for the advice anyway. Matthew
  8. At about 2146 tonight I saw a burst of light that looked like a star appearing then slowly fading over a second or two. It was a couple of degrees esat of due north and about 20 degrees up from the horizon. Could I have seen a supernova? It did'nt look like anything else that I've seen, satellite, plane etc. If it was a supernova no doubt in will be reported in the astro press. I wonder if anyone else spotted it? Anyway I'm off to bed now and will look at replies tomorrow.
  9. How about a shot of the lunar lander?
  10. -22? You must be mad! Nice pictures though. Matthew
  11. Very nice, I can see the big improvement in detail as it gets bigger and higher up
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