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  1. Sound advice! Fortunately for me FLO accepted the slv back without any fuss, so the quest is now on to select a more suitable EP for the 250px which hopefully will give me some good views but be useable most of the time. Back to the drawing board with my 50 - 100 squid budget. Any suggestions? Seems to be plenty of choice. Although just over a hundred I has considered the ES 82 degree range after reading an excellent review on this site. They have 6.7 mm but maybe 8.8 would be safer? For a bit less there's the x-cel lx 7mm too. Andy
  2. After much deliberation I decided to buy a 5mm slv for some planetary viewing after plumping for a very nice 28mm MV last month. I'd read some good reviews for the 6mm slv and was unsure whether to go for that or the 5 from FLO but since the 5 had 20% off and would give me a hopefully top end of useable 240x mag in my 250px, that's what I went for. Anyway, I had my first light with Jupiter the other night. The view was quite disappointingly low on detail but I knew seeing conditions were bad that night and it was rather windy and unsettled. I took it out again tonight and looked at some doubles, the trapezium and a thin crescent moon. Again I was disappointed. I just couldn't reach a sharp focus at all. The scope had plenty of time to cool down. I believe my scope is reasonably well collimated, certainly the stars look fabulous in my MV but would this be super pronounced at 240x mag? Anyone think I should contact FLO? Any help or thoughts appreciated. Would be useful to try the EP in another stargazer's scope perhaps...
  3. Anyone compared either of these EPs with the explore scientific 4.7 or 6.7mm? I am looking to Get a higher powered EP for my 250px. Cheers.
  4. Had my first view of the Orion nebula and the trapezium shortly after - very nice indeed and a bit easier on the neck! Pleased to finally get some use out of the scope considering the filthy weather we've been having. ☺
  5. Thanks - only got the one EP at the mo but hoping to get a ES maxvision 28 mm soon, which I cannot wait to get my hands on.
  6. Found this finally with my binoculars but I couldn't find with the Dob and the 15mm EP due to difficulties operating it when homing in on a target directly above. The fine adjustments are hard when it's almost pointing straight up! ☺ thank goodness the clouds have briefly moved away...
  7. Looks like a strong case is building for the MV 28mm 68! :-)
  8. Thank you John. Useful info and of course this one is smaller and cheaper than the 34! For similar money though I could get a televue plossl and use my 1.25 inch adaptor. Wondering which way to go... Andrew
  9. Hi there - wondering how you got on with that EP and whether you went for the 28 or the 34? I am also considering a 2inch max vision EP but wondering if I should go for 1.25 televue plossl instead? For my skywatcher 250px. Comments welcome! :-)
  10. Yes it is a fantastic thing, although I may need to get down to the gym tho as its not light! Got a sky's the limit 15mm 2 inch EP, not sure it's the best for this scope so I shall do some research and look to invest in something a bit more suitable and higher quality, lower mag first ☺
  11. Thanks guys. Indeed I wasn't sure what the culprit might be - maybe could be both EP and a bit of alignment but a better quality EP I thought could help narrow it down a bit ☺ wish me luck - weather is awful! In terms of the barlow not fitting I believe there is limit to how far things will go into the focuser tube; I read a similar account somewhere on the site but can't recall where...
  12. Hi all, just acquired a 2nd hand skyliner 250px dob, which I am very excited about getting to grips with. Although I have been reading quite a bit I am very new to the practice of observing. The scope didn't come with all the original kit and had a red dot finder, a 'sky's the limit branded 15 mm 2 inch EP, plus a 2 inch Barlow that won't fit all the way into the focuser tube and so I cannot use it. During my first times using the scope I noticed that the view of the stars is ok (but not perfectly sharp) and I don't get the whole field in focus at once, and when I roll the focus back and forth slowly, the focus seems to go from one side of the image to the other. Could the scope require some alignment? In terms of first purchases I will be looking to get one relatively higher power EP and one lower power, to use with my one inch adapter. Probably look to spend between 40 and 60 per EP. ☺ Any comments and or advice much appreciated. Thanks Andy
  13. Wow! Truly overwhelmed with this friendly response! I got the biggest I could afford (and lug around by myself) which was the 10 inch. Hope to keep the scope for a while and upgrade bits as I go
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