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  1. Excellent Video and show of some great gear.
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL, you have joined a fantastic bunch of people here that are always willing to share there knowledge with others and help the world of astronomy grow
  3. Outstanding image I could sit and stare at it for ages, but work is calling. so much detail and colour in there. Thanks for sharing it with us
  4. Excellent image / gif . great amount of detail in there. Thanks for sharing
  5. Fantastic image you must be very pleased with that
  6. Wow that's an outstanding image. great details. Thanks for sharing
  7. Hi and welcome to the fabulous SGL . Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have, if not there are many many great people here willing to share there knowledge and experience with others. Good luck with finding a scope and enjoy the forum
  8. Welcome back to SGL bazz
  9. Wow incredible image you have posted there
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL, will be looking forward to seeing some of your astro images posted you will find a wealth of information here and many knowledgeable people willing to help you should you become stuck or just need a little guidance. Enjoy
  11. Hi and welcome to our great community on SGL , a truly great place to be with many people more than willing to share there knowledge and experience with others. Enjoy
  12. Wow they look the business. bet you get some amazing views through them
  13. Hi and welcome to the fabulous SGL . enjoy your time here. and if you have any questions or need some advice feel free to ask, there is always someone who loves to share there knowledge and help others
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