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  1. UPDATE: Please note that by mutual agreement of the founding members that the society is now known as the West Lothian Astronomical Society and the Facebook group can now be found HERE and the contact email address is westlothianastro@gmail.com.
  2. Good afternoon all. I would like to announce the proposed formation of a new astronomical society in the town of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. These are very early stages (to see how it goes) so if anyone from the area is interested please check out the Facebook group (linked below) or if Facebook is not your thing, drop an email to liviastro@gmail.com introducing yourself. https://www.facebook.com/groups/586079738212672/
  3. Happy new year folks - all the best for 2016.

    1. ghostdance


      To you too! Have a great year :)

    2. orion25


      Have a great 2016 with clear skies!

  4. Merry Christmas to all at Stargazers Lounge - may your skies be ever clear!

  5. Thank you Philip R, choochoo_ballo & Charon! Much appreciated!! 'Tis indeed an excellent forum!!!
  6. What eyepieces would you recommend, Gazabone? I've not enjoyed many clear skies, of late, but the few brief moments of clarity I have encountered have led me to the conclusion that there is a lot more possible with my scope than what I am -nevertheless very much enjoying- at the moment. Any eyepiece recomendations (and indeed Barlow recommendations, or similar) most welcome! I have just had my login details confirmed with the Central Scotland Observers forum. I hoping to make some contacts there. It's not in my nature to panic, Devonskies...and I'm generally patient (except when it come
  7. Thank you Paul73 & Britangler! Very helpful indeed. Good call Dave in Vermont! Said bolt was extremely tight and now that I have loosened it I can see the focussing-barrel slide up and down (which it wasn't doing at all this morning, which explains why turning the focussing knobs made no difference whatsoever. Glaringly obvious now that I know )
  8. Thank you kindly, Hippie! I note your profile picture and invite you to the following thread I have created. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/258816-getting-started-with-skywatcher-250px/ Perhaps you will have some notes for me when you have a minute?
  9. Great image, Mike005! I am a Nikon user myself (D3300) and expect once I have got used to my new telescope I will attempt to devise a means to attach it.
  10. Greetings all! Having recently purchased, recieved and assembled a Skywatcher 250px Dobsonian telescope I wanted to create a thread to ask experienced users of the model (or similar) for general help and advice. I have chosen to do so largely because, beyond assembly of the mount, I find the included instructions to be severely lacking. So without further ado: Inserting an eyepiece into the focus tube. The included instructions lead one to believe that one simply removes the plastic end-cap on the focus tube and inserts the desired eyepiece. Removing said plastic end-cap it becomes im
  11. Well my new scope arrived (she's a beaut!) and I've managed to get the mount assembled etc. Had my first bash with inserting the eye pieces etc this morning (there was a brief clear window in the early morning sky) and as I find the included instruction manual lacking in regards to this phase a new thread in the relevant section of these forums is imminent! Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  12. Good evening, all. Thanks to everyone for their continued kindness by way of welcoming me to Stargazers Lounge - 'tis much appreciated. It looks like my new scope will arrive tomorrow and I'll aim to set it up at the weekend.... ....Apologies in advance for the ridiculous amount of cloud cover that will fall over the British Isles as a direct result of said set up!
  13. My girlfriend said something to that effect: "You do know that you're not going to see the sky for months now, don't you?" Cheers. Thanks also to Markj44 and Bunnygod1 for stopping by with their welcomes.
  14. Thank you for that, Lorne. I have submitted my registration with the CSOG forum. Happy to meet you, James M. Cheers.
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