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  1. Hi everyone

    This season's attempt at m45 whilst we still had use of the little 130. The aim was to try for a bit of that brownish coloured dust/fog you see all over Taurus. It's beginning to appear, but it's gonna need more frames to clean it and lose the noise. Just couldn't persuade myself to hit the denoise button. Yet...

    eos700d en 130pds. Calibración y apilado: Siril. Procesado: StarTools 1.8.516



    EDIT: added an further 10 x 300s frames. Looks like that's the limit. Can't see much improvement...


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  2. 36 minutes ago, michael8554 said:

    which "hot mirror"

    Don't want to hijak the OP's thread but anyway,..

    If you're still not sure, when you're inside, you'll see that the hot mirror has a blue colour to it. On an eos, it's the sandwiched one. 

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

    Cheers and HTH.

  3. 5 minutes ago, pjlonghurst said:

    not as 'smooth' to balance


    The cone bearings at the base of each axis are almost invariably adjusted too tightly and some we've seen, dry. Many I suspect spend their entire lives like this.

    Very easy to fix: Just the bottom bit of each need be adjusted. A quarter turn anti-clockwise of the bush is usually all that's required. 


  4. 23 hours ago, Robculm said:

    Before & after


    Excellent. Love it. Removal of the hot mirror really does make the red hit you.

    18 minutes ago, Robculm said:

    star shape problem

    Loosen the mirror clips (even better, remove them and fix the mirror to the cell using silicone sealant) and have a look at the individual frames. Remove any which have elongated, fat or nudged-double stars. Or just run it through ST's Repair module.

    Oh, and don't forget to remove the stacking artefacts from around the edges of the stack a good few pixels more than you think;)


  5. 4 hours ago, rickwayne said:

    blue OIII

    Thanks. And why not...

    My attempt.

    I loaded the blue into ST's NBAccent and then increased the blue-green a bit in dt.

    Very much user trials, and -lots of- error. Hate having to resort to masks:



  6. 47 minutes ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

    when the data is perhaps pushed further than it really allows


    The big strength of st is that if you have inadvertently gone too far, it's easy to go back to AutoDev and go again. No need to start over from zero. Go as many times as you need:)

    if you're finding subsequent modules produce artefacts, that could not only simply be a sign of poor choice of ROIs but also poor  calibration/stacking or that the data itself is not that good.

    in your case, clearly the quality is there. If there's detail, ST will find it like no other. What I'd recommend is looking at the calibration process again.


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  7. Hi everyone

    After having had only a dim 72ed for the past weeks, it was nice to get something bright and lively once more.

    Here are some clusters: ngc884 and ngc869 in Perseus. ngc1907 and m38 in Auriga.

    Thanks for looking.


    eos700d @ ISO800

    l to r: ngc884 ngc869



    top down: m38, ngc1907


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  8. Hi everyone

    Managed to find a bit of blue in this one. Channels loaded in ST Compose as HOO with blue in NBAccent. So doable without more financial outlay on the latest must-haves;)

    Really faint and diffuse this one. We went with 8 minute frames. Do post your dslr attempts at the same, especially if you've got results with shorter exposures.

    Thanks or looking and clear skies.

    eos700d @ ISO800, angeleyes UHC



    and an in-your-face version with the red background stuff:



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  9. 55 minutes ago, bish789 said:



    That's the 4 element Petzval. If it's anything like its big brother, the 152s, you're in for a pleasant surprise:)

    The f10 objective lens is converted to f5 by the second doublet giving a nice flat field and colour correction.


  10. 33 minutes ago, ONIKKINEN said:

    stellalyra 2 inch


    It's the GSO. The only issue is that of its focus position, which is around 5cm further away from the tube as compared to the position without a cc. Great for the 150p, quite a turning force on a 150pds. 


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  11. Hi everyone

    Apologies in advance. I just wanted to put the case for the cheepo refractor. This one shared the session with our heart, including removing the filter around 02:00. 

    It turned out sort of dreamy this season. Oh, and total failure. We tried merging a visitor's L-extreme data in the hope of finding a bit of red: nada. Not sure if there is any. But it could do with a bit more colour. Otherwise, there's a bit of detail emerging despite a budget of of only 10 minutes for processing. One for a cloudy night perhaps. 

    Thanks for looking and do post your dslr attempts at these three. 

    700d on 72ed ISO800 ~4h StarTools 1.8.516


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  12. 2 hours ago, CraigD1986 said:

    forgot to do flat frames


    I think the sigma may have click stops for orientation. If so, just replace the camera and take the flat frames. You may be lucky. It's very difficult to process without.

    The f-ratio is irrelevant for dark frames but lose them anyway with recent eos'.

    Go easy(ier) on the background.

    Post -a link to- the stack if you like. 


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