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  1. The red dot increases in power the more you turn the knob, so maybe try that? I'd be suprised if the battery's already flat I only used the scope a dozen or so times and always turned the rdf off. Having said that I haven't a clue what the life expectancy of that kind of battery does have.
  2. I enquired about this once, but my local astroshop said that for Newtonian reflectors right angle eyepieces just don't really work, hence your fruitless search. I think there is one on the market, but the guy in the shop said that it wasn't worth the effort.
  3. Being 45min north of Bedford I would very much like to register, and reregister my interest. Looks like a great day.
  4. Citizens Advice - the charity for your community ???
  5. Hey Ollienttm, I dont know if you remember but it was me who sold you the scope, I'm sorry to hear you've been having some teething problems. The EQ does take some getting used to, I found unlocking the two big nuts (RA and DEC) to "scope" the sky was the best way, and then tighten them and use the fine controls when I had an object in the sights. Like I said to you when I met you, the Stock SW red finder is ok, but possibly may need replacing as I hear there are better ones on the market. If you do have any problems and need a quick fix, then I am more than happy for you to give me a ring on my mobile if you still have the number and I can see if I can assist in any way. I got some great views of the orion nebula, Jupiter, the Pleiades and M31 from that scope, so I know it's up to the task. Like I say though, the EQ mount can take some getting to grips with, but I'm sure when you get the hang of not only have the X style axis to move along, but also considering the scope sees things upside down and back to front, it'll all work out in the end. If you haven't got my number any more then let me know and I'll PM it to you. Cheers
  6. To see things of that quality you need to get into imaging, our eyes cannot pick up half of the colour or detail images can. Even in a good quality large aperture scope most nebulas and galaxies will be just grey blobs and fuzzy smudges.
  7. I saw 5 this evening over Peterborough.. At first very eerie, until I realised what they were.
  8. And a Jumper, Gloves and a Scarf if you're up that way north!! Im sure there are lots of dark skies near you! In the latest edition of Sky at Night Magazine there is a Dark Sky map of the UK which you might find useful.
  9. I guess one thing to consider is that for astrophotography the eq3-2 may struggle a little if your dad wants to add things like a guide scope etc. So really it's making sure you get the right tube for his needs. I would support looking at the dob, as your dad can enjoy easy set ups and quick observing and then later buy the right mount for his astrophotography needs as and when he gets there.
  10. Your best bet is to do the scouting about in the day time for potential spots, or if you have a pair of bins then head out in the evening and do a rekkie without the hassle of setting up your scope to check sky quality and suitable sites. Though I've found a potential dark site I'm a bit lazy and prefer the convenience of the garden at the mo.
  11. Cheers again mark, I did purchase the hotech tool as I was wowed by it's easy on a you tube tutorial vid. I'll ask Santa for a wheel barrow as well Doc
  12. Thanks for that Mark, I'll think I'll see if Santa still has room in his sleigh for a red dot finder. When I get the shed sorted I'll only have a 3metre walk thanfully with the scope. When you store the scope is it assembled or do you store the OTA and mount separately? Cheers
  13. Does drawing some on with a Sharpie count?
  14. I have a dying tauntaun handy to lightsabre in half and snug into when it becomes too brisk.
  15. I found dewing only an issue on my finder scope which was a little frustrating, tonight does seem particularly damp. I am looking at a portable hairdryer though.
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