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  1. Thanks Alacant, I can hear nothing. I emailed FLO and they are going to take this one back for a refund too, i have ordered the ZS73A instead, non reducing but at least it will hopefully give me a tilt free flat field.
  2. Thanks Ian, will give it a try.
  3. FLO replaced my 73R F/R as it was deemed faulty by ES Reid causing apparent tilt. Here is an image taken with the replacement. Does this look like tilt again? TIA.
  4. Hi, These were take under Bortle 4 skies and a full moon with my ZS73 and Canon 60D (unmodified) using a Skytech quad band clip in filter. 60s subs, heart is 172mins, cigar severe crop is 78mins
  5. I was very surprised not to get 2 mins, but this might not be indicative of all CEM 26 mounts. I'm going to send it off to darkframe in the summer for some tuning and upgrades.
  6. First light for the WO ZS73 and Canon 60D. FLO replaced my faulty 73R F/R but sadly the replacement is also faulty so field was not very flat hence the severe crop. I managed 78 good 60sec subs till clouds rolled in. No guiding as I wanted to see how the new Ioptron CEM 26 performed, sadly not to well and 60sec was the best I could get, shame as I used to get double that on my old CG5.
  7. Just to conclude this thread. I explained the above and sent screenshots to the guys at FLO, they were extremely helpful and said it was tilt in the image train. They immediately arranged for the scope and FF/FR to be collected and sent to ES Reid next day. I heard back from them this morning and was told the FF/FR was faulty, they sent another to ES Reid which was checked and found to be perfect. They have couriered my scope and FF/FR back to me today. I'm extremely grateful to the guys at FLO for recognizing and dealing with the problem in such a timely and professi
  8. I have just been checking the image train and decided to focus on a distant branch. when I turn (fine or coarse) to focus the branch moves up and down by about 10mm across the LCD screen. will this focus shift be causing my issues? See attached video. TIA. IMG_0476.MOV
  9. Drat, I'm not sure what to do then Rob. I have pushed, pulled, wiggled and wobbled and this gear is so snug all three parts of it act as a single unit without even whisker of movement. Thanks for your help.
  10. Ok thanks Rob, I'll check that now. So those numbers look ok? More images.
  11. Thanks Rob, I think you might be looking at a different FR, I know the one that says 11.4, (73A, mine is 73R) this is mine: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reducersflatteners/william-optics-x08-adjustable-reducer-flattener-for-zs73.html I also did CCD inspector, attached image image but not sure how to read it, good, bad? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Rob, The 73R was apparently built with DSLR's in mind, so according to FLO website no spacing is needed (It gives the 56.8mm needed) BUT, I did just notice that I also need to move the adjuster out by 1.8mm which I have now done, maybe this will fix the issue? Not sure what happened with focus as I used the built in mask, possibly it shifted when I locked off. I'm hoping any tracking errors will sort themselves with more use. I'll be guiding next time too, I didn't do it last night as I didn't need the extra hassle just to check the scope and mount. I've just re
  13. Thanks Rob, After zooming in and seeing seagulls I was worried it might be the scope. Everything was very tight as the FF screws directly to the scope and I used a quality WO M48 DSLR adapter which gives a super snug fit. How would I cure tilt in the imaging train? I don't even know what that means :). 5 sec sub attached.
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