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  1. Charic, thank you for the reply! I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN!!! Too many bloody forms! So that bit out of the way, I think a wooden protective box for the 'scope, which I can make, then put that inside of of those plastic lockable storage units on the patio. I do have a wooden shed but there a various points which daylight is shining through holes where someone before me has nailed the waterproofing felt on the roof!! Thus, the mower and old tins of paint will be residing in there! I am more worried about distortion through high temperature in the summer but I'm guessing I may be over-thinking it now! Much appreciated. Matt
  2. Hello everyone! Been away far too long... ...long story short: had flat, too much of a ball-ache to get gear downstairs into car-park and run everything off stupidly heavy leisure battery. Now moved, house with garden, patio and sky overhead, not much, but sky overhead! So would like to get all set back up, but... ...no room in house. Both 'scope and mount will have to live outside. So my question: Wooden shed or plastic? Don't want to risk anything going mouldy! Or distorted if summer heatwaves return! 8" Altair Newt' with HEQ-5 Pro mount. What advice can you offer? Much thankings in advance Matt
  3. matteboy

    Lunar Eclipse

    Starts about 01:10 Monday morning with maximum about 03:45, ending just after 6am. Should see blood red moon for about an hour and a half.
  4. Don't know if this helps on the apps you are using, but I spent hours once comparing the view through my polarscope and the view on an app, they never matched up, I started again and again, in short there was box I hadn't ticked which was 'scope view' and, once ticked, all looked the same, so I was aligned all along, by the time I realised my mistake and confirmed I was aligned the clouds had rolled in. If you're just starting with the EQ5 I would strongly recommend a guide on YouTube by Astronomy Shed, it was the first one I watched when it all finally 'clicked'. Once it all 'clicks' write yourself your own steps down and follow them next time, I forget which order to set things up, even now (usually six months gaps between 'scope outings!) so it really helps! Forgot about this as well... http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-1.htm If no one has beaten me to it yet!
  5. Keep an eye on here and abs, especially closer to the time as 'due to unforeseen circumstances' cancellations do happen. I managed to get a great pitch last year when I had already got a pitch booked under the trees, I didn't have to pay any extra just transferred him the money, for the face value then turned up, said I'm on that pitch and the people at Kelling were fine with that. I did not manage to get any money back for the empty pitch I had going under the trees so just had to swallow the cost, was definitely worth it though for the better view. Check with the people at Kelling if you do go down that road, I did and they were fine with it, no extra fees etc. I'm stuck in trees again this time but will move on the Sunday when most people seem to vanish! If you're going the week beforehand then ignore that one! HTH Matt
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! The ones above were all single exposures between 90 secs and 3 minutes, I was so surprised that they showed the colours in a relatively short exposure, Definitely want to try stacking some so the next night after I got 26 x one minute exposures of the dumbbell, particularly as there was a hint of red in the first attempt, the clouds came in for the night though hence only the 26! Upon checking the pictures some that were fine but there were a lot with little trails so think it was a little too breezy. I thought I'd try the best of the bunch, however, loading them into Registax killed the computer each time, the PC's so old now it can't send an email without crashing. I'll see if DSS has the effect. Now off to watch the tutorial! No way this lark is possible without forums and YouTube! Thanks again for the tips and nice comments! Matt
  7. Well chuffed with my first attempt at imaging a couple of my favourite objects to look at. Taken at Kelling Star Party with an unmodded Canon 450D. I must say thank you to John for the loan of the T adapter and remote shutter timer and especially for the help in setting the camera up correctly. I went for M57 first, as my goal was to get just a bit of colour in the doughnut, all expectations were surpassed when the image appeared on the camera screen, complete with the central star. I moved over to M31, M81 & M82, went to the Witch's Broom, proper faint but it's there! Finishing up with M27. No processing or autoguiding, just taken straight off the camera card. Hope you like them........
  8. I use one of these as an eyepiece case, useful because I have to transport all my gear downstairs and then walk to the car park so quite convenient being able to just chuck on your back, still being able to carry a scope, hence less trips up and down the stairs, happy days as not a keep-fit fan! Available here http://www.7dayshop.com/products/7dayshop-photographers-backpack-rucksack-camera-bag-for-digital-slr-cameras-black-7DAYSLRBACKPACK?utm_medium=email&utm_source=7dayshop.com+Limited&utm_campaign=4677258_2014-09-09-7DAYSLRBACKPACK&utm_content=7DAYSLRBACKPACKDESC&dm_i=18LS,2S8ZU,DLNS5H,A4JSI,1 I will just say the first one delivered had the zip break but the free replacement has lasted a good couple of years of heavy use and the zip's fine still. Holds all my EPs, power leads and hand controller, torches etc, and it has a zip pouch for some astro books. Thought I'd just share that with you...
  9. Pitch is 'tent only' cos of the trees, won't let me bring the motor home so will just have to put up with sleeping diagonally for a couple of nights then move to a better pitch on the Sunday, with the motor home, when most people have disappeared. They did say there's a few pitches that haven't been confirmed yet so might get lucky in getting a swap.
  10. Defo T373 I had paid for, just dug out the booking confirmation, I'll pop in at the weekend to check, I only live about ten minutes away. Thanks for the replies, I'll let you know what they say!
  11. This is the pitch, transit and a massive tent on it, maybe it hasn't got hook up or something, forgot to check, I'm gonna pop in again and ask. Failing that, ask on the day if anyone's cancelled. Either way hoping for clear skies this time.....
  12. Long shot I know, but does anyone want to swap their pitch so I can bring a motor home? T373 is on the red field and is only for tents, didn't have the motor home when I booked it. Check the map on the Kelling Heath website and if you're interested let me know. The pitch is near some trees from memory but can't remember exactly. It's booked to arrive Friday 26th, for 3 nights departing on the Monday. If I remember I'll go and check it out tomorrow to see what the pitch is like and post a pic. I have put down on their cancellation list but not holding much hope for that happening as way down the list! Either way not long now so see you all soon...
  13. Definite yes on the leisure battery, I bought a 110ah one, from a caravan place and it should last for ages! You do not want to be carrying it too far though unless, of course, you're training for world's strongest man! As mentioned above you really want a long slow drain, a normal car battery needs to give massive amps in a short period of time to turn an engine over, same with the 'jump-packs' but the leisure batteries are designed to run TVs and fridges in caravans so should be good for supplying a long reliable continuous power at low amps. A good charger is a good investment too, helps if you run the battery too low. They do need to be charged after every use, but I think that applies to any of the power supplies you can use.
  14. Having the same issue, going to get the NEQ6 extension bar, should fit ok hopefully, gives you some extra manoeuvre for heavy eyepieces and a Telrad. That's the plan anyway! Anyone else tried the bar with the HEQ5 rather than the NEQ6? Just thinking as Skywatcher weights are around £30 each and bar less than £15 which, if my maths is any good, should give you the effect of doubling the weight, roughly, for half the money, still using your existing weights?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys, another little bit figured out
  16. Hi Everyone It's been a while since I've posted but happy days are here! I got a new toy a couple of weeks ago from Altair Astro, an 8" newt and it has a cooling fan on it. Forgetting it was there I haven't used it yet but was wondering: Is it just used to cool the 'scope down quicker and do you turn it off after a while or leave it running while observing? Will it help or hinder with any dew build up? I must say how pleased I am with my new addition and although I've only had one half decent observing session so far I'm sure I'll get to master the mount (HEQ5) eventually. It's taken a lot of learning and massive brainache to get this far but it is so worth it when you clock a moon shadow on Jupiter and watch the moon come out from in front of the planet live with your own eyes! Looking forward to your replies and thank you in advance!
  17. You're not alone! HEQ5 and 8" Newt picked up last Saturday, five or six attempts now at just getting the Polar scope aligned to the mount, FAILED, FAILED & FAILED AGAIN! It is THE most frustrating thing I have ever tried, I can't see the cross-hairs through the Polar scope at the same time as seeing a star so I tried the piece of paper on the wall trick indoors, could not get it in any sort of focus but hey I can see the little circle and cross-hairs in the Polar scope though! Now going to attempt in daytime, dreading the actual Polar alignment when I do get to that stage eventually. It's a very steep learning curve but am sure it will get easier and our time will come when we can help others too! 6 attempts to get to the stage where I finally put the Newt on (thought well, it's pointing North, that'll do for now!) only to look up at all the clouds that had arrived. I then tried to get it to point to Beetle Juice in Orion (it's the SynScan version) knowing roughly where that was before the clouds turned up, after it slewed round the scope was pointing completely the wrong way and at the ground. All it's done is stressed me out, made me feel completely stupid and I'm sure a few more grey hairs have arrived. I've read so many guides and watched so many You Tube clips to no avail, now just can't wait for that magic moment to come when it all clicks into place. Off to play again.......................We'll get there!
  18. It's just took me forever to find my confirmation, Pitch Blue T222 Arriving Friday for 3 crystal clear rainless nights. Obviously not an easy enough pitch number to remember! See everyone there!
  19. Got it, go to bookies, lay a £200 bet at a million to one that you will fly to the moon and back within the next five years, ring up the space travelly agent place and say you'd like to make sure of your safe return before you pay up, easy!
  20. I've got mine cable tied to the standard finder, never even bothered aligning the finder just use it as an extended base for the Telrad, align the Telrad, job done! Tried loads of other things like taking the standard finder off but then the Telrad is too low and your neck gets a pasting! Guess it's what is comfortable for you though and if you use the standard finder???
  21. Easy! Look outside:rolleyes:, clear, go outside:D, not clear, don't go outside:(! Buy new eyepiece or 'scope, don't even bother looking, it's not clear outside;)! Have to work late, go to someone's special party, any other previously arranged something that you don't want to go to, guaranteed, it's clear:confused:! Like I said, easy, save time, and don't check the Metcheck:clouds2:!
  22. Hi Mehraj Just a suggestion and others on here will be able to advise better on this but with that 'scope would a webcam be a better starting option for imaging? (Got to weigh a lot less than the DSLRs!) Possibily starting with the moon & planets, getting used to the sky and then invest in a mount that's dedicated to astrophotography using the DSLRs you have. I second the comment on your English! Watch out, it's a slippery slope, they say...
  23. I know someone that is selling their air rifle??? In a simular boat, the orange one's are bad enough but now the posts have been put in place outside for the new brighter ones and they're gonna be even closer:( Grumpy Was at KHSP last week, proper dark, lovely, get the 'scope out at home and can't believe the difference a couple of streetlamps nearby make in what you can (or can't!) see. I only live 10 mins from KH aswell!
  24. Went out to watch Iridium flare at 23:56 and it headed in that direction, was -5 mag for me near Cromer:rolleyes:
  25. Jon it's my favourite EP! They say the one you use the most..... Liking the idea of the wider view now just didn't think I could afford a decent one, ohh no now have to think again! I'm going to Kelling SP so will ask about to see if anyone has either that I could have a peek through. Thanks guys
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