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  1. Think i'll have one of each,lol..... does it come in an M42 fitting......
  2. Hexham- Kielder bus service is a big hit Posted by The Journal on Aug 4, 09 11:46 AM in News A new bus service linking travellers to one of Northumberland's biggest natural attractions has been voted a big hit by both visitors and residents. Running every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday all year round, the Snaiths Travel 880 route features two buses from Hexham to Kielder Castle and two return services each day. Between Tower Knowe visitor centre and Kielder Castle, the service runs on a hail and ride basis. For those travelling from further afield, it offers a direct link from the Newcastle to Carlisle 685 service and the Tyne Valley rail line at Hexham Station. The fully accessible bus is also equipped to carry up to three bicycles, although cyclists advised to book this service in advance on 01830 520 609. Coun Alan Armstrong, executive member for highways and transport at Northumberland County Council, said the service "promotes a greener, cleaner and more relaxing way" to explore Tyne Valley and the Kielder area. "It will also provide an important link for our rural residents to settlements such as Bellingham and Hexham, filling a gap in services,'' he added. One of the service's first passengers was Isabelle Gardner, a resident of Kielder Village, who said: "We think we've died and gone to heaven. "This is the best service we've ever had up here. I can't believe how good it is to have the privilege of a bus service three days a week. The timings are great too, not too early and not too late.'' The 880 service is being jointly promoted by the county council and the Kielder Partnership. Concessionary bus passes are accepted on all journeys. For details on this and other bus services in the area, travellers should call Traveline on 0871 200 2223. Those planning a trip to Kielder Water and Forest Park, can visit www.visitkielder.com
  3. Just a thought folks..... a telescopes a telescope,,,,,so does this mean the clouds are a coming lol.....
  4. Many Thanks...... My lot came in at £140 delivered to pals place in Florida, they are there now......I just wish she wud go now.......lol
  5. I'm looking at a similar upgrade too....Ive a Skywatcher 130P synscan..... My pal is off to states next month and is picking me up a 7 12 and 25mm Celestron Xcel LX and a 2x barlow.... I'm hoping that after reading all the info on here that these are a good replacement set for the basic stuff that came with the scope. Anyone wan't to give me their views,,,
  6. I hate robbers..... and there are too many on Ebay........nee naah nee naah....
  7. I'm out on patrol on Ebay again,item number 190645625410 ..... hopefully this time I wont get booted off as my listing looks like it ticks all the boxes. It will run for 10 days, with a bit luck it will get re-listed. If anyone wants to ask non-too technical queries I will add them to the listing. Something like......"Is there any difference between this and the other software currently on sale here" will do nicely for starters. Please note,,,,my plan is cancel the bids, then contact the bidders with a link to Stellarium where they can get it FREE....and a link to here. Regards.. PC Astro M31
  8. You are right.....I'd like to think that we are quite an honest bunch - it's some of the peeps who do receive their packages and then try to say they didn't. I know it probably doesn't happen an awful lot. But from my work experiences in the Post Office, a lot of ebay customers have had their fingers burned. Not All, but too many!
  9. Er.... think your info is a bit wrong...... Royal Mail deliver letters and packets and STANDARD parcels where the customer doesnt need a signature or any tracking and basically just wants a cheap NO FRILLS service - delivery can be 3-5 days...... Parcel Force deliver the COURIER type service parcels,they are more expensive but a much better and quicker service... Ordinary letters/packets and ordinary parcels are not tracked and do not have any form of reference number on them. Recorded Delivery is NOT tracked and traced - it gives you proof of posting,,,,then it just travels throught the prdinary mail system and when it gets to the delivery address the postie will request a signature. Special Delivery IS FULLY Tracked and traced. Everything is scanned throughout its full journey.. Parcel Force 9/10/12/24 and 48 hour service ARE tracked and traced too..... STANDARD Parcel service......nothing.....no signature
  10. The reason they deal with the sender is because they want to know a lot of info about the item that usually the sender will only know. Like where was it posted,,,date,,,,,post office used,,,,type of packing......etc etc.... It speeds up the enquiry in the long run as they get this info in one fell swoop when the sender fills in a P58 enquiry form. Where as the receiver wouldnt know this information. Sometimes there can be a reason for a delay that this information will uncover. YES, it can be frustrating cos every packet you are waiting for is the most important packet in the world to you ..[Don't forget folks, it's happened to me too so I am NOT biased on this issue].. But they do need the full info to try and sort things out.... I've had people attempt to post things at my office that I have refused to accept,,,, you'd be amazed at how many people pack things in a rubbish way, flavour of the month at the moment is to send stuff in a bin bag with a gummed label on it.....talk about maximising profits. I always tell them, "Pack it properly, Charge fairly and everyone is happy".... There you go...........
  11. Just to hoy a bit in about the compensation with Royal Mail - I work for the group - We aren't all bad, folks. The compensation available works out at 100 x the cost of a first class stamp which takes it to £46.00 and make sure you get proof of posting which is FREE.Keep it for a few weeks after the item has been delivered. Ebay sellers should always send by recorded - this protects you from people who say they never receive an item. I deal with customers all day sending items and 99% do send using Recorded Delivery as lots of them have been burned by people saying that they did not receive something. Ebay used to take the side of the seller, they only do it now if the seller has used Recorded Delivery or in the case of more valuable items Special Delivery. The reason is that both of these services require a signature and delivery can be proved. Also, if the item is MONEY - JEWELLERY - GIFT VOUCHERS - ANY FORM OF TICKETS - EVEN IF THE VALUE IS UNDER £46 - - THESE MUST BE SENT BY SPECIAL DELIVERY to be covered for any form of compensation. I hope this helps a bit..... Any questions - ASK - I don't like to see us all get tarred with the same brush, lots of us are honest decent folk. EBAY is the same, not everyone is out to swindle you. Be careful, make sure the correct service is being used - Even if the seller is NOT advertising something as being posted with Recorded Delivery - ASK for it to be included - IT ONLY COSTS 77p on top of your postage. If the seller wont do it....ask why not......Any genuine seller WILL. Stay Safe folks.
  12. My pal is off to USA in a few weeks time.....I've had the offer of her getting me some stuff and bringing it back.....I'm getting Celestron X Cel LX 7mm 12mm and 25mm and the 2 x Barlow.....all for £144...... Not bad, and prob a bit better than the standard stuff i'm using with my Skywatcher Explorer 130p
  13. Mines on for good now......there's little labels from my label machine all over the place now....... Sad ?? yes,lol....... but at least I won't mess up again....... Thx All.
  14. Cheers Peter.... Astro Pint on it's way Thanks again...
  15. Duhr....I have my dunce hat on tonight.... I wiped my settings and can't remeber how to put them into my synscan handset. Below is the info I obtained from the net about my location. Latitude = 55.0101, Longitude = -1.4517 Lat = 55 degrees, 0.6 minutes North Long = 1 degrees, 27.1 minutes West Thanks again..
  16. Im working on doing another listing which might help others,,, i've got to be careful with the wording tho... Watch this space....
  17. OOOOPS......EBAY booted me off for advertising an item and then telling people NOT to bid.... Also, they don't like auctions that encourage people to click on an URL as this could be aimed at taking buisines to a third party...aaar well, it was good whilst it lasted. I hope someone saved a few bob.... The lager and sweets offer is still on tho.. Regards Dave
  18. SeedyF.....can be arranged .........er.....what am I saying LOL
  19. Have you got a B & M Bargains store near you....they have a power tank for £29.99 [it ws £24.99 before x-mas and it sneaked up a fiver] Still good tho
  20. Bloooooming Heck.......... I never thought about offering to download it for people..... I think i've missed the boat again,,,,,,, on the same sort of theory...if anyone has any confectionery that they want eaten......or maybes lager they need drunk then i'm your man,,,,, I can collect if it's not too far away....or if this works as I hope,you might have to drop it off cos i'll be way to drunk to come and get it....BIG LOL !!!
  21. Nope....it's still there..... There are a few under many different disguises.... The auction didnt cost anything to list......so I will keep it running as long as I can...
  22. Technically he probably isn't doing anything wrong...he is selling a product for a tad more expensive than what it is actually available for. What i'm doing is pointing people in the right direction to obtain it for nothing - I think so many people are hyped up by the latest stuff on TV that they will buy before people like us point out that it is a free anyroad. Er....... shall I put my price up and start churning out those CD's......BIG LOL there....... I've had about 50 viewers - I wonder how many actually get the FREE download......I think I might add something to the listing to ask peeps to let me know if they download it as opposed to buy it from Robin Hood or whatever his name is....
  23. PS..... Hopefully I will save a few bodies a lot of money........
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