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  1. Great images. Widefield is on my list to crack this year. To date my results when experimenting have been disastrous. Images like these spur me on, cloud permitting of course. well done.
  2. Quite amazing the amount of dust in the outer regions you have managed there.
  3. One of my favorite targets. Looks a gerat image to me, well done.
  4. Hi Symesie. It was without a reducer so yes at the full F10.
  5. That's a great image, I,m in the like the colour camp.
  6. Hi John. I used an 8inch Celestron Sct mounted on a Heq5 pro mount. I am reasonably sure the image was composed of 30 90 second subs and around 10 darks, light and dark flats. The site I imaged from (Exmoor) does have a big impact on the image quality, the sky's are sometimes just unbelievable.
  7. If I remember correctly for this image I experimented mounting my finder guider on the SCT and managed 1.5 min subs. The results beyond this duration were awful. Never tried it since. I was thinking of getting an OAG for Xmas but my SSAG guide camera from what I have read is not up to it, really cant fork out for a upgraded guide camera at the moment. I will get around to acquiring this kit one day.
  8. The horse head was from my garden in Bristol around Jan of this year. M31 and the whirlpool were from Exmoor where I have a caravan. The skys from Exmoor are at times spectacular. This year, sadly for me have been awful, it seems every time there has been a clear sky the moon has been glowing in all its glory. Fingers crossed for the new year that the skys will be better. Hope to have a crack at some wide field with just the dslr this year. I have tried this with little success to date, so maybe looking for some tips.
  9. Good Evening all and hello from a forum newcomer. Was hoping to post a new image or two as a first post but the weather has put paid to that, so thought I would introduce myself with a few images taken earlier this year. Imaged with a Canon 1100D modified, ED80 Sky Watcher for Horsehead and M31 Celestron SCT for the Whirlpool. Fingers crossed for good weather over the Xmas break. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas to you all.
  10. Been into astronomy for around 10 years, after around 2 years decided to try out AP, been hooked since when the British weather allows. Have a couple of scopes 8inch Celestron SCT and a ED 80 Skywatcher. Heq5 pro mount. I Image with a canon modified 1100D dslr. Very much look forward to joining in.
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