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  1. Really hope someone can help me. Briefly, I decided to ditch my EQ1 mount in favour of the SW AZ4. First problem encountered was I didn't realise I needed a dovetail mount to join scope to mount. Sought advice from FLO who suggested I needed a medium mount which I bought. I am really struggling to see how this was the correct recommendation. It seems to me to be too big. FLO appears to be sticking to its original recommendation. As you can see from the attached it's clearly too big. Can anyone help?
  2. I totally get you here. As a complete novice myself managing my expectations is proving a challenge. It would be very easy to keep spending money in the pursuit of the perfect view only to find it's not really any better, or in my case worse. Fair play to you hiking to the top of a hill in blackness!
  3. Thanks John, so I need another telescope for close up planetary stuff then ? Lol
  4. Really disappointed with the Starguider 8mm in conjunction with my refractor so it's gong back. I even tried it today in daylight and it was awful. If CA is a problem with my Startravel 102 it might just mean I can't go under 10 mm? Perhaps a 12 mm with 2x Barlow might remove the CA? Sorry but I'm really out of my depth with all this. Just seems I stumble from one problem to another lol. On the plus side I have a 32mm and 25mm which seem very good with no CA,
  5. folks, I need you to reel in your enthusiasm. I have a humble Skywatcher 102 refractor , 500m f5. I am learning about chromatic Aberration and guess it's something I will have live with. Am I right in coming to the conclusion there is no perfect telescope and set up? There is a temptation to keep spending money in the pursuit of excellence which I'm not really sure exists.
  6. I've just literally got one yesterday and tried it last night on full moon and Jupiter . Moon looked good even though full. Jupiter (fairly low in sky) was picking up some nasty Chromatic Aberration ( I didn't try any other lens last night as time was tight.) Tried x2 Barlow and image was so soft it couldn't be focused. I have 4" 500mm refractor . Tempted to send the lens back. Very disappointing .
  7. Sorry folks didn't intend to high jack Brsseb's thread. I'll move my continuing astronomy challenges elsewhere.
  8. Went out tonight with my brand new Starguider 8mm (with SW 102 500m) v excited about what I would see, but ended up a bit disappointed . Made out 2 bands and the 4 planets, but there was horrible purple fringing around the planet. I tried the 2 x Barlow but the image was dreadful. Is this inadequacy in the lens or just seeing?
  9. Lol brantuk, that might just be it. They are different lengths so I've swooped them over so I'll see how that goes . Feel daft! Many thanks
  10. Really hope you can advise. This is a photo of my eq1 and refractor polar aligned and set as though I was was viewing south outside. Unfortunately my R.A fine adjustment control sits tight against the balance weight which makes it very awkward to operate. The counterweight needs to be at the end like this. Ive tried scope on other side but the adjustment control then interfers with the underside of scope snd doesn't work properly either. I know it's not a great mount but is this normal? I've just been leaving RA control off and moving scoop with hand.
  11. RiKM thanks- I think it's a F5 scope. That might explain your head scratching ! Thanks to all for comments . Can't afford to spend a lot of money on eye pieces . BST star guide get great reviews so may opt for 1 of those .
  12. I have a SW F4 500mm Refractor and I have read (on here I think) that because my scope is "fast" I may need to buy more expensive eyepieces. What does this mean, and how does one define expensive? I've just bought Celestron Omni 32mm and it seems very good. Now thinking about a 8mm or 5mm. Need to make sure I get something suitable for scope. Any advice would be great. Thanks t
  13. I too struggle with the focus on a x2 Barlow. I have the standard one that comes with the Skywatcher 4" refractor.
  14. It's just I'm not sure where to put in on this! It's pretty big I understand and I do need to slide scope to balance it.
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