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  1. chunkie

    Hello Everyone

    hi there stu and welcome to SGL
  2. chunkie

    Hi y'all

    Hi there Mike and welcome to SGL .......ANY QUESTIONS..ASK AWAY
  3. Have just ordered a celestron 127 SLT Mac Cassigrain.should bee here monday morning ......nice
  4. chunkie

    Hi to all

    hi there paul j ...clear skies and welcome to SGL
  5. hi there catweazel and welcome to SGL
  6. chunkie

    Hi Hi :-)

    welcome to SGL wayne.....clear skies
  7. your questions are always welcome here keith.....welcome to SGL ....FROM CLIVE..CLEAR SKIES
  8. hi there Bigbox and welcome to SGL from just down the road in leicester ,clear skies and happy hunting ......clive
  9. chunkie


    Hi there stuart glad you could join us ......clear skies.........clive
  10. chunkie

    Hello out there

    hi there wazzer from clive ...welcome to SGL
  11. chunkie

    Hello everyone

    hi there john and welcome to SL ....CLEAR SKIES
  12. Hi there to all you new stargazer's and welcome to SGL ,sorry I can't say hi to you all seperatey ,But my laptop is down at the moment ,so until its up and running I'm having to revert to the good old blackberry,so till its running again ,,,,,,,,,clear skies and Happy stargazing:icon_eek:
  13. just thought i'd drop a few pic's of my kit in ,though i i think i have alittle way to go to match some of these scopes
  14. hi there simon and welcome to SGL
  15. hi there to you lodgers and welcome to SGL ....................CLEAR SKIES
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