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  1. Has anyone got any ideas for what to find on Christmas day evening? First time with my son and his telescope I thought aswell as the moon maybe the andromida galaxy?
  2. Just to update I set the telescope up today and managed to get a pic on my nikon d3200. Not a very good pic but it was a chimney about 1 mile away as the moon is nowhere to be seen.
  3. I'm downloading stellarium now but will it work with Windows 10 some say they are having problems
  4. That might be worth looking into. Maybe I should start by just focusing on getting the Telescope set right first
  5. I think I have seen other people are using the same as mine and have managed to get it to work. It's early days yet and difficult to experiment with my son around because I don't want him to see it before santa comes lol
  6. I got the Celestron Universal T-Adaptor but I've only tried to focus on things at the end of my street so not far
  7. Thanks for that I will give it a try when my son is not about. Do you think it's because I was focused on a close object as to why I couldn't see a picture at all on my camera?
  8. Hi all I'm new to this site so please bear with me. Image just bought a Sky-Watcher 114 for my son fir Christmas ani I've also got the fittings to use my nikon d3200 with it. My problem is that when I attach the camera I get no picture at all does any one know what I am doing wrong? Sorry probably a newbie question but I am a newbie and want to get it right for my son on the day
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