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  1. Dont know if i'm posting this in the right place but i'm looking for information of a sighting of something that pretty quickly shot past my view whilst viewing Jupiter.

    4th May 2016 1am GMT, an object flew past Jupiter and kinked its trajectory when passing Jupiter showing possible disturbance in its gravity etc.

    Must have been very big and in the FOV for less than a second using a 10mm Plossl.

    Thanks for any reponse.


  2. Ok since xmas we've had much a fun cold night staring at the stars and in awe at Jupiter using our new Orion XT10 Dob. Since this hobby is something that is definitely something we are enjoying and looking to expand I was hoping for some advise on our next lens purchases.

    I have £50 in free amazon gift voucher so looking to spend that but what on? I know I need a decent barlow and was looking for an Orion Shorty-Plus 3 Element 2xBarlow to double up on the 10mm and 25mm Plossl that come with the dob as standard but cant seem to find any shorty-plus online. Which leads to me to either go for a Celestron ultima x 2 barlow or a Antares 3x Barlow? =

    I was also looking at various Accesory Kits that include lens's/Barlows ie.




    But still being pretty green to the hobby i'm unsure whats the best bet for my setup and not to duplicate any powers etc.

    Would it be worth buying these kits etc or just start to buy one very decent lens at a time i.e the Tele Vue range.

    Can someone give me some advise on how they would expand on lenses etc after buying an XT10, money really isn't an object BUT I like to be sensible with purchases knowing im doing the right thing.

    Thanks guys!



  3. Thanks again guys for helping us choose a decent scope.

    Ok we've had a good chat about the this and AP isn't something that is a necessity right now, we just want to get into the hobby and start viewing whats out there.

    I think a combined xmas present to each other of a XT10i might be on the cards as well!

    Which of these Barlows would be better? the Orion one you mentioned is obviously the same make etc and looks good... I also read elsewhere on this board that the Revelation Barlow is good, is there anything in it?


  4. Thanks again aeajr for taking your time out to reply with such detail, it is very helpful.

    The spec comparison I read was this link to which is the best Hobbyist telescope from space.com http://www.space.com/31227-best-hobbyist-telescopes.html

    What was my concern was the chart and write up says "If you are going after deep- space "fuzzies" (e.g., galaxies, nebulae…) – but are not intending to photograph them, – this is the telescope to get."

    So what you are saying is it is fully possible to do this with external apperators, i.e a webcam - usb - pc setup. And astrophotography can be as achievable and have as good results as the Skyprodigy? (am I right in saying the SkyProdigy has a built in camera?)

    I really like the look of the Dobsonian and the analogue route to learning the skys, with the help of the intelliscope and am pretty sure I will be pulling the trigger on this. It seems best bang for buck from what I can make out to what you can actually achieve visually.

    Sorry for so many noob questions, still geting used to alot of the technical jargon....but enjoying the ride, might even get into the hobby myself!

  5. Great, thanks for the response. Can I ask is it possible to plug this scope to a PC/laptop for image recording etc? I was looking at some specs of the XT8i against the Celestron SkyProdigy 130 and they have different specs with regards to hooking it up to a PC?

    Also I understand the push to system requires you to literally find the object manually from the given coordinates on the panel etc however how quickly do some distant objects dissapear from the field of view if it has no tracking system?

    Thanks for any advice.

  6. Hi all,

    long and short I have been looking for a decent Telescope for the mrs for xmas as she has a keen interest brewing. I really want to get her something decent around the £500 mark and like the look of the Orion series of Reflectors around this price, the reviews say they are good for amatures and experienced users...

    Would some thing like the aformentioned scopes be too advanced for a begginer or are they easy enough to pick up?

    Please if anyone has any suggestions on different makes and models i'd be most grateful for any advice.


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