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    im interested in a lot of things .. i do a little bit of microcontrollers, like reading ,and im currently on a kick of material sceince (check out shape memory alloys.. theyre SO cool) and want to start in astronomy. im always interested in learning new cool things
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  1. Hi everyone. I have 2 questions 1. My local astronomy club is planning a observation visit to the kodaikanal radio observatory(tamilnadu state,india). I want to bring my scope along as most of the people are doing. Can i pack my 130mm 1 meter long scope,tents& mount in a 90 liter rucksack? If not can you please suggest other packing options 2. My only 2 available modes of transportation is my bike(bajaj pulsar 180... i could also get my friends vajaj Avenger) or the nasty indian public transport system (train&bus. Can't afford a long taxi ride) .it is a 300km drive. How should i pack my luggage on my bike Thanks in advance AI
  2. I wonder if there is an astronaut in the iss who is a secret sgl member... he could just post his selfie
  3. Thank you all. When i first came to sgl i never thought this community will be this much supporting... I've got a feeling I'll be using the site a lot more
  4. Hi I ordered my first equipment a few days back. I've ordered the scope from a local telescope manufacturer who i hear has a good reputation (within india) so i chose them for their higher apperture to cost ratio. I also spoke with the manufacturer and they are quite knowledgeable about the equipment and provide a warranty as well. I have the following questions 1. Have i made a mistake in ordering a non-top-tier (without much global impact like celstron etc)telescope manufacture's product? 2. What should I expect to see in my scope(how much detail and colors in planetsand nebulae) given it's a entry level 114mm reflector 3. Any suggestions on future upgrades on equipment 4. On a scale of 1 to 10 , how good is my starting setup FYI this was all the money I had saved and i just wanted to know if i made a rookie mistake Thanks in advance A I (abid irfan)
  5. If anyone like this... please also watch his entire lecture series at MIT open courseware At ocw.mit.edu They also have a YouTube channel for all their lectures
  6. What are the problems I'd likely run into with this scope? Sent from my SM-G530H using Tapatalk
  7. I think I'll go to their store sometime next month if I can... What are the things that I should look in... I mean what could tell the difference between a good and bad scope? Sent from my SM-G530H using Tapatalk
  8. I'm planning on my first scope.... Is this one good www.tejraj.com/offer-of-the-week.html It's a D=150/F=750 with AZ Mount (table top) Cost aprox. $210 Is building a scope or buying one better?. Will building a scope give you a more personal attachment with the scope? Sent from my SM-G530H using Tapatalk
  9. My name's Abid Irfan , i'm from india. i like reading and learning new things( at the moment these include my electronics amd communications engineering degree, some material science , religion , (recently) stargazing ..) my first exposure to astronomy was a small book my parents got me while i was yet to enroll in school (theyre AWESOME). They took me to planetarium sometimes . i currently do casual app-based stargazing with the skeye android app and sometimes try to use microsoft worldwide telescope (they sure have some cool tours .... and access to gamma ray, Cosmic microwave background ..... i guess it is powerful). i want to learn more and i'll try to open my mind to all your advice. Hope to have a good time here. Thank You all may god bless u and by the way.. can someone suggest a reading list?
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