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  1. Deffo no piano, I have zero musical skills. Couldn't even hit a triangle in time or tune Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Might have to see how it goes, shower caps and a nice cover will help protect it at least for now. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. thank's for the reply's, especially the kitchen one, bit stuck on where to store it now. Might have to look at putting it in the outhouse somewhere. I'd rather keep it in there then the shed.
  4. Hi all, after having a play tonight with the telescope (200p Dob) i was wondering how other people go about packing theirs away for storage. For now am looking at keeping mine in the kitchen to one side, having brought the telescope in tonight i noticed that the lenses steamed up straight away. At this minute i have left the caps off to allow everything to come back to room temperature before placing the caps on. Is this the correct way ? Also is it ok to be stored vertical on it's base for long periods of time with the eye piece end towards the top ? I like to look after my equipment the best I can too extend it's usage life, so thought i'd ask for info from the more experienced.
  5. okies, i'll have to set it all up on xmas eve when am at my dads so if the weather is clear xmas day night time then we can have our first cold trip.. Turn Left at Orion came through the post today, had a quick glance, look's like it's going be a very useful book.
  6. yeah it's a suprise gift, although it is getting delivered to my dads and will stay there out of site till xmas day. Just need to read up about collimation and buy the right tools for the job.
  7. Hi, so ordered the 200p dob from FLO. Looking forward to xmas day now when the misses opens it and we can venture into the skies. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  8. That's one of the reasons off joining the forum before buying, I'd done a bit of research before going to the shop today, and from what I'd read the skyliner 200p was great to begin the journey with, so when the shop was pushing something else it sort off stumped me, so that's why I joined this forum to get the information from guys with the experience behind them. I'll be buying from flo despite been able to save myself 25 quid if brought from Jessops as I want the afteresales, and I think the extra 25 quid will be worth it.
  9. okies, you seem to have pushed me back into deciding on the dob. imaging won't come until a very later date, would like to learn about the sky before i try take pictures of it. So i think an order of the dob will be happening this weekend. cheers for the quick responses.
  10. Hi all, am looking into purchasing my misses a telescope for xmas (it will be a joint gift as we both will use it). She's keen on the sky and will often spend time outside just looking at the moon or stars. So i think the next step would be to buy a telescope and learn about our sky and beyond. Will probably go for planets and the moon and hopefully some dso. I have been looking and reading reviews etc and seemed to have settled for the skywatcher skyliner 200p dob. Went to a local shop to have a chat and see what they had and was slightly advised not to purchase the dob as it won't be suitable for planets. He did suggest a goto Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT but I don't think we'd like a goto as i'd rather we worked and learnt about the sky. How hard is a dob to keep track of planets when using one. i understand it will take time and effort to learn, but as someone with no experience am trying to gain as much info before taking the plunge. thank you.
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