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  1. So disappointing, what were they thinking when designing a 'cable free' SCT? Obviously not about dew!!
  2. Hi all, I think the answer is no... but I'm looking for a dew heater that I can power from the USB port (5v) on my Celestron nexstar evo 925. Does such a thing exist? I don't want to have to use power tank as it kind of negates the point of having an rechargeable internal battery for the scope. Thanks in advance, Aaron.
  3. Thanks Paul. Sorry for the late reply but I've been pretty busy, you gave me a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply in such detail.
  4. Hi all, I recently got a nexstar evo 925 and have managed to look at Jupiter and Mars (I'm really interested in looking at the planets). I'm looking to invest in a 5mm eyepiece which I calculate to be right on the upper limit of my scope's useful Mag. I currently have a 9mm and Barlow from a revelation eyepiece kit, but the image isn't too great. My questions are: Will a dedicated 5mm be better than a 9mm/12mm and Barlow in terms of quality? Will the more expensive eyepiece produce a noticeable increase in image quality. Is 5mm pushing my scope too far in the uk? I've been looking at Celestron Xcel lx (£55) and the Hyperion (£90). I have read good reviews about the Celestron and I like the price, although the Hyperion has similar reviews plus it has a 68 deg FOV compared to the Celestron's 60. Will the additional 8 deg make much difference and will 68 deg be necessary when looking at a planet? I also looked at the Celestron ultima duo (£109) while it is expensive (for me) it has the 68 deg FOV and has the advantage of being compatible with astrophotography (I may get an EQ mount in the (far) future). I prefer to buy once so would rather buy something more expensive and not have to upgrade in the future. I would also like to call upon your far superior experience and ask whether such eyepieces would be best suited to my scope with regards to focal length and that added by the eyepiece. Finally my list is not exhaustive so if you have any other ep suggestions I would be grateful to hear them. Thanks in advance. Aaron.
  5. Hi guys, As the title suggests I'm poking for a travel case (preferably a hard one) for my evo 925. I would also like to be able to keep my 9x50 raci Finder on it as well. Searching the net hasn't brought up many results and most are unclear as to whether it will fit a 9.25" OTA and the evo mount. Also they seem to be very pricey for what they are, can any one kindly suggest a good value one? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you taking a lot of time out to write such a post. I've taken on board what you've said and am grateful for the advice. Fordy.
  7. Hi all, I recently bought a evo 925 and I'm now looking for some eyepieces. I'm new to this and the more I research the harder the decision making becomes with regards to expanding my eyepiece collection from the stock pair I have. I'm confused about fast scopes and slow scopes and what FOV I should be going for. I was looking at perhaps a zoom ep, perhaps Hyperion 3 or Celestron deluxe. Are these wise choices? I don't Mind buying individual eps, my budget is around £50-£75 each and looking for 2-3 for now. Or maybe the more expensive zoom as has more options. I'm just not sure whether some eps suitability with my scope? Can someone please point me in the right direction? I would like to see planets, just so you know what I'm after. Ta.
  8. The internal battery in my evo 925 mount doesn't hold charge for very long (about 1-1.5 hours), so I was looking to replace it. Has anyone on here attempted this? If so any tips, especially on the sourcing of the replacement battery would be greatly received. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ourorboros, I think I will give them a shot once I'm up and running. Would be a nice sanity check, and a good chance to try before you buy with other people's equipment. Ps. I Like the Groucho Marx quote, I'll warn them off about you :-)
  10. Des thanks for the welcome. As for the replacement, it's a no-go unfortunately because it bought it from a large online company from their 'warehouse' deals. It's was used/returned/known to have damage/components missing/repackaged (not all of them but just giving examples of what the deals consist of). Sadly it is kind of 'sold as seen' and the last 'deal' they had so no chance of swapping out. I will persevere with the battery anyway as I gave it it's first deep charge last night so will test it hopefully later (at 0300 hrs :-s) and see. Those battery packs do not appeal to me, although I think I may have to surrender at some point as I will no doubt need a dew heater and I can't find one that will run from the USB output.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I'll look into checking them out.
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