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  1. Thank you for the feedback I didn't know I could use frame with satellites/planes, we need every second we can get in the UK ?
  2. Good Evening, I finally got to get out under the stars with my new scope for the first time. The wind was hitting me a bit hard and it felt very cold. I don't usually go for exposures longer than 2 minutes, and those are generally on the off chance with a large throw away percentage, but I was feeling cocky and went for 3 min. Surprisingly, I only had to throw away 3 frame! 2 was slight star trailing and the third was a pesky plane flying right through the centre of the image! I have never really shot anything other than the Orion Nebula, Andromeda and The Pleiades; so I thought new scope, new target! The Rosette Nebula has been on my wish list for quite some time and I was glad to be finally able to go for it. When I finally loaded the data onto my PC, I was a bit concerned to not be able to see any nebulosity. I have really had to stretch this data hard to get anything to show. I am not sure if its my skies, my camera or something else, but I was a bit disappointed for the 3 minutes exposures. So here is NGC2244, 35 x 180s exposures Nikon D3200 ISO 400 SW ED80 PRO Only light frame Stacked in DSS, processed in PS CS6 and Lightroom Thanks for looking
  3. Your original image processing is very unique and it looks like it should be a "modern art" piece Your second attempt is much more mainstream processing wise, but in my opinion could use alittle more colour left in. I have had a quick go at processing your data, I have left alot of the red in to preserve some of the data. I very rarely process widefield images such as yours, so please forgive my crude attempt
  4. I thought I would share my rendition of your data, and thanks for sharing it with us There is some good stuff there, but I think the lack of dark skies is limiting what you can capture. Clear skies.
  5. I have a lens that has a hard stop at infinity and perfectly focuses, but another of my lenses does have the hard stop and focuses past infinity. I zoom in as far as I can using live view, focus until the star is smallest and then it's done. I purchased a bahtinov mask, used it once and never again. Every second counts for imaging in the UK, live view is simple, quick and effective.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I contacted the seller and they suggested adjusting the tensioner. This achieved nothing. I removed the focusing knobs as described in the PDF that was suggested here, and looking at the shaft I can see that there is a little movement (about 0.5 mm) as it rotates, with it getting jammed up when the shaft is furthest away from the Teflon bearing. Does anybody have any suggestions? Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem by loosening the centering screw, repositioning the knobs and retightening. Nice and smooth throughout its travel now. Thanks.
  7. Greetings, I have just purchased a new sw ed80 and I have noticed a problem with the focuser. When the larger focuser knob in in a specific position the focuser gets very stiff and makes a screeching noise and onxe it gets past that position it is easy to turn and doesnt make a noise, until it gets round to the same position and it makes the same noise. I was wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and how I can solve this? Many thanks
  8. Looks better. I think there is still a little residual green in there, but I like it!
  9. Great detail in the dust lanes. You can remove the green using a PS Plug-in called Hasta la vista green. Its free and can be downloaded from here http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2010/04/26/hasta-La-Vista-Green.html It's as easy as 2 clicks to remove the green
  10. I use a Nikon D3200 for my images, I don't believe it is holding me back at the moment. I'd imagine you'd be best upgrading other equipment before the camera.
  11. Hello, I have been on the lookout for a small refractor for astrophoography that I can travel with. I am currently looking at an Altair Starwave 80 ED 2015 model, but I am not sure of how well it performs. I have seen some poor reviews regarding colour correction for previous version, but nothing for the 2015. I believe earlier versions used a poorer quality glass, and know that the 2016 model uses FPL53 glass, but I have no idea which glass the 2015 model uses? If anybody has an input on this particular scope it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. Thank you for the comments. I agree the fainter details are very noisy. I had to massively stretch the data to get it to be visible, much more than I have ever stretched any data, and then used alot of noise reduction in those areas to make it even usable. Then I switched over to Lightroom and used its clarity function to bring back some of the detail there. I polar aligned as best I could with a polar alignment scope, and then I autoguided using a 50mm Guide Scope, an QHY5V-M guide camera. I had to throw away a lot of my 90s subs because of star trails. I was getting a lot of star motion in a back and forth direction. I think if I had more subs I could have controlled the noise a lot better.
  13. G'evening Here is my first HDR attempt of the ever popular M42 from the nice orange skies of Greater Manchester. The image is composed of 19 x 90s and 85 x 10s exposures at ISO 1600. Nikon D3200, EQ5 and Astromaster 130. I'm still trying to get exposures longer than 90s, but get trails on anything longer than that... Thanks
  14. This looks like a standard EQ5 mount and tripod. It just has the accessory tray missing
  15. Ahh. Sorry I thought the T thread was just the connection to the camera. I already have a T ring, but that thread doesn't fit. I have measured the thread on the scope and its more like 55mm? I was won derong if there was a specific product to fit? Thanks
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