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  1. Installed ICE last night, that was a bit easier! From opening the application to perfectly stitched image in just a couple of minutes, thanks for the heads up ???
  2. On a side note- what's the norm with orientation of lunar images, leave as comes out of the camera or adjust to 'normal' orientation as the eyes see it?
  3. Thanks John, I'll download ICE tomorrow and check it out. Looks a bit easier than the way I did it...
  4. This is my first image posted here, I'm normally visual but getting tempted by the dark side. This is two shots from Monday evening (crudely) stitched together using Gimp. Any tips on stitching techniques would be welcomed. Nexstar Evo 9.25 and a Nikon D5100.
  5. Cheers Garry, I've ordered a Vixen Porta II mount for it, don't fancy swapping out the 9.25 OTA every time I want to use it. Mind you, with the amount of sun we're getting at the moment it wouldn't be that often!
  6. Hi folks Just wondering if anyone has tried piggy-backing a 50mm Lunt (or similar) on a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25? I've recently bought the Lunt and am wondering if the Evo mount will handle the extra weight or whether I should treat myself to another mount. I know I could get a dovetail for it but I don't like the idea of swapping OTA's every time I use either scope, it's a bit of a pain to get the 9.25 mounted... Cheers
  7. Whilst using my 9.25 Evo I kept finding myself looking for somewhere to put down my iPad. I quick trawl of Amazon and I came up with this Stagg music stand. Stagg MUS-ARM 1 Small Music Stand Plate With Arm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000OR7X1S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_0.C6wbSRNHJQZ It fits quite nicely to the central column of the tripod and the bracket fits in perfectly to the recess in the tray for for the folded legs. I had to fashion a lip on the bottom of the stand to minimise the risk of anything slipping off, but it turned out surprising sturdy and solid. Not sure if it'll work with the 8" or 6" Evo, I believe they have a different tripod, but it's great for the 9.25.
  8. I second the above. I just checked mine and its solid, no slack at all. I'd contact your stockist and use your warranty rather than void it.
  9. I have a hat that steps down to cover the ears, I just rotate it slightly and it covers one eye. Quick and easy to cover/uncover your eye, and keeps your head warm. Win win. ??
  10. Ok thanks, I'll look into the firmware version. Just had a response from FLO, they've confirmed the alt play is normal and are sending me a replacement corrector plate cover and an illuminated RACI to replace the duff RDF. I would sing their praises in the supplier feedback forum but because I don't have 50 posts on here my opinion on customer service isn't deemed safe... Thanks for your advice ??
  11. I was considering stealing the RACI off my dob but decided against it, I'd only use it for initial alignment so it'd be more beneficial on the dob. A feathertouch focuser is definitely on the shopping list though. I'm hoping to get it out again tonight to play with the slew limits and backlash. Fingers crossed...
  12. Thanks JG, that's put my mind at rest a bit. It didn't effect operation, and I have to front load it anyway to get clearance on my 2" diagonal. I'm just a bit concerned it might reach the balance point when it's near zenith and clunk across the slack, but that's yet to happen. Goto was spot on, as was tracking. All that aside, it's a lovely piece of kit. I had some good views last night despite the full moon. Looking forward to some dark skies!
  13. Had my new Nexstar Evolution 9.25 delivered yesterday, and amazingly it was a clear night! Anyhow, I have a couple of issues with the red dot finder not working and scratches to the mount and corrector plate cover but I've contacted FLO regarding these. The reason I'm posting here is there seems to be a lot of slack in the alt drive. The az drive is solid, there is no discernible play in it at all, but there's about 4 or 5mm vertical play at the corrector plate end of the OTA. The slack is definitely in the drive, the dovetail mount is done up tight. So, my question is - is this normal or do I have an issue? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks Baz, I've been thinking about it for too long, possibly overthinking, decided it was time to just bite the bullet.
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