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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all your input, opinions, reviews and suggestions. Quite a lot to take in for a newbie! Have had to look up certain terms and abbreviations from your replies, but I have persevered!! I'm still not 100% convinced that I need to spend more that £100 on a beginners scope and am actually beginning to go the other way and think that a cheaper/less spec one would suffice at this early stage. I do hear those of you that suggest otherwise, but price is of course a factor here. I know everyone started somewhere, so if anyone has any recommendations for the "cheaper" end of the scale, then I would be glad to hear them.
  2. Hi all SGL-ers, I am a newbie and was after a few questions answered if I may. My son(6) and daughter(9) have recently (with the help of projects at school) expressed a keen interest in the planets and all things astronomy. I have always been a little interested (not enough, I admit, to have purchased any kind of telescope) My childrens interest, which let's face it, might disappear by next year knowing how fickle children can be, has peaked my own and so I was thinking of getting a "basic" telescope for us all to use. Having read quite a few articles and reviews, it seems that anything cheap generally has an aperture under 80mm and they don't give the best results... but, it is not in my interest to spend too much on what may be a temporary whim. I think I have decided on the Skywatcher Heritage-100P which can be picked up for about £90 as it does have good reviews and is apparently one of the best "entry-level" scopes... but I wouldn't mind a second opinion (or a first educated option) Am I making the right decision in not going too mad, and in your exert eyes, is this the model which seems right for me/us? Many thanks in advance.
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