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  1. Hi guys new test drive on the zwo ASIAIR! Really impressed with this,easy to use and packed with features,only thing I’ve not got a handle on is the platesolving, but that’s due to my inexperience!Otherwise I’m so happy with it.
  2. Great images guys went out on Friday but a column of cloud hung about for hours,to the south and west it was fine !

    hope you don’t mind me joining!

    1. kev100


      Welcome aboard 😀

    2. Ross gould
  3. Williams optic or triplet skywatcher esprit or similar
  4. Wanted heq 5 pro belt mod preferred
  5. Just got it for the I pad,amazing,really useful for deep sky objects
  6. Really useful info,many thanks. The stellarium program seems the way to go!
  7. Hi to all! So I have my scope,star charts,a basic knowledge of stars and there names,but as a beginner what would the members suggest I look for first? I have a skywatcher 127 goto,trying to acquire better lens,I have the lens that came with the scope,a 25mm wide angle and 10mm plus a 2xbarlow,could the members also suggest which lens to get with this scope on a limited budget.really want to get this one right as I read so many people give up because they can't find/see what they want.
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