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  1. So, last Christmas (on the advice received from this site, for which many thanks), I bought my son a Skywatcher Mercury 705. And, it's excellent! But I now have a couple more questions: 1. Should I get a Moon filter (which I assume cuts down the light reflected from the Moon) for general observation, unless I intend to use the telescope only when there is almost no moonlight. And if the answer is 'yes', can anyone recommend one that will (a) fit and (b) not break the bank; and 2. I think the magnifying lens is +10, which I have to say, was a tad disappointing in terms of 'detail what you can actually see' when we used it to look at Venus and Mars (yes, I know that sounds like a bit of an 80s pop cliche). So, question 2 is, should we buy a stronger magnifying lens and, if the answer is 'yes', what strength and what might one recommend? As ever, whilst I appreciate all and any advice, if we can keep it simple and 'non-techie' it would be really useful (as I'm a bit uncomprehending, astronomywise. As you can tell...). Many thanks in advance. Andrew
  2. Thank you all for your prompt and really helpful responses. I have internet shopping to do! And, actually, once we get it, I can see me using it as much as he will ('cos I stay up a lot later!). Thanks again. Appreciated...
  3. ...here's the context. My son is very keen on all things astronomical and would like a telescope for Christmas. What he would like to be able to do (in no particular order) is: see the rings and maybe moons around Saturn;the patterns and possibly even the great red spot on Jupiter; andthe Moon, stars, Milky Way and some of the other planets (Venus, Mars) in a bit more detail.He won't be taking pictures, just looking. And from home, so no real lugging equipment cross-country. There is some light pollution where we live but not a great deal. I have an absolute maximum budget of £150. Now, I know from my very limited experience on this and other sites that (a) this question comes up regularly (so, apologies for asking it AGAIN) and ( that every time it does, the replies get very technical, very quickly! So, what I'd really like is a reply (or replies) which simply say 'buy this one...' or 'chose between these two...' because as soon as the conversation gets into dobs and filters and EQs and all the other technical stuff, an Absolutebeginner like me just gets horribly, horribly confused! Here's hoping that's not too much of a big ask...?!
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