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  1. I especially like your redering in the EZ, it's most realistic.
  2. Lots of detail there Paul Is that sketch done on paper or on a computer? I can't tell.
  3. I might just do this to my newt. And I am also considering doing it for the secondary which i had to make a heater for since it dews up even when the night is not dewey! That must have a boundry layer too?
  4. lovely drawings, and yes you are right about the lack of clear skies in the UK, astronomy really ins't a sensible hobby for us to have living here!
  5. That's quite a feat. I have tried four times in september to see the EZ on Uranus, and failed to see more than a pale blue disc on each occasion.
  6. oops! have you given up on the newise then?
  7. that's proper drawing! well done
  8. nice sketch Paul, details in every belt that STB looks pretty disturbed, i haven't seen the white oval in the south yet, i will have to have a look
  9. Paul I run mine through photoshop (levels adjustment) after scanning as they always look washed out at first. cheers
  10. Hello apologies for not posting recently, a combination of poor weather and little time has limited my chances. Anyway here is Jupiter from Friday night. Conditions were pretty tricky with gusting wind so strong it even produced a musical note from my telescope tube like a giant pan pipe! It also made for variable seeing, sometimes blurry, often boiling, but with patience there were enough fleeting stiller moments to make a detailed sketch. The wind brought thick dark clouds from the north three times during the session, the first bank of cloud dropped a tiny amount of rain on me which had me packing up before even starting to sketch (not for the first time this month!) but the clear skies returned brefore i got very far so i decided to carry on - and I'm glad i did! I saw three white ovals with dark outlines along the lumpy northern edge of the SPR (this is the SSTB i suppose) The STB apeared to have two large dark brown irregular areas in it, one of which included an Oval BA hollow - although the poor conditions meant i could not actually confirm the oval itself. There were also a few very small dark spots just north of the STB, i could only confirm two of them, along with a tiny protrusion from the edge of the belt. The SEB was evident to me as the clouds passed over jupiter making its brightness vary in the eyepiece, it was very pale and the edges seemed darker than the middle. The GRS was bright orange with a paler centre and some fleeting detail which i could not resolve for long enough to actually commit to paper. It had a brighter halo around it in the SEB. Io's shaddow was transiting Jupiter with the almost invisible disc of the moon right next to it, this became harder to see as it moved away from the darkened limb. The EZ was bright, but conditions prevented me from seeing any of its low contrast detail. The NEB seemed very active with numerous darker patches some of which protruded form the edges of the belt. Also seen were two white rifts which had dark outlines, particularly to their northern edges. I think these rifts have ended up a bit too big in my final sketch. The NTB had one very dark oval in it. The NPR was patchy / mottled with a longer dark feature along its southern edge. 22:15 to 00:15 bst Orion SPX 200, TV 2X barlow, TV 8mm Plossl and Edmund 8mm RKE = 300X Mostly unfiltered, but also used a blue filter to help with lower contrast features. Chris
  11. Hi Karlo seems like you finally got that scope to your liking. Nice image!
  12. I've never seen this object but the sketch looks lovely, the nebula is smooth and subtle while the stars are pin sharp.
  13. Cool! It's really reminiscent of many photos i have seen of this object. Do you have a dark sky? I have never seen the veil (never tried mind you, i struggle a bit with deep sky with my 8" and mild LP). lovely sketch
  14. Thanks guys. It is my first Jupiter this year, the neighbours' house has been in the way til now. I reckon there was more to be seen in the NEB especially but the daylight and haze were making it impossible to magnify too highly although the seeing would have taken it. I'm looking forward to getting some good views of Jupiter this year (if the summer carries on) as the elevation is better than it has been lately and i read recently that when the SEB comes back it could trigger all sorts of chaos...... The EZ was done by just whizzling around a dirty blending stump! and for the record i got up, observed and went back to bed at 6:00. Must - have - sleeep.
  15. I don't know if i could do that now, i am just too knackered trying to fit everything in to the day time with kids and job! If i had my davy crocket hat on I'd doff it to you!
  16. beatiful description and plenty of detail but what i want to know is: did you stay up, or get up?!
  17. Hello! Here is Jupiter from this morning. I have already hand written all the notes in my sketch book, and I can't be bothered typing them all out again as i am short of time - sorry! If you are interested please read them in the attachment. I have just seen DarkerSky's sketch from this morning and it ocurs to me that i may have named some of the belts wrongly, but they look the same and that's good enough for me! hope you like it. Chris
  18. It's amazing that there can be that kind of detail on a six second disc, well done!
  19. I am an engineer by day, i run a small department in a company who designs and makes bespoke electro and mechanical items. We get our drills from MSC/JL Industrial Supply Co. And yes, get a centre drill to do the first 3mm or so. If you are blunting drills you could be running the drill too fast which will soften the tip, however if they are chipping then you could be going too slow. If you want to drill really hard steel then you should try a cobalt aka HSSE aka HSSCo drill bit. Much harder than a normal HSS bit. Also get some cutting fluid, it will enable you to run faster without over heating so much. I could go on......and on.......
  20. Re: Paulus comments It's worth pointing out that if you are going to touch the surface of a mirror it is best to check with the manufacturer first, I have just done my very dirty orion and i ended up gently wiping the whole thing with cotton woll while the mirror was in the water .This was because after soaking and rinsing a few times to remove the grit and dog hair it still seemed to be covered in a very light greasy mist, sap or pollen i guess. It is now lust like new, i don't think you need wonder fluids, just slightly soapy water and alcohol.
  21. Seb I sketched syrtis Mj looking like that right at the start of this apperition, and i thought i had just got it wrong, but seeing your observation makes me think it may have been real. nice one.
  22. i set the time on starry night pro to midnight, magnified saturn, and then advanced the date by one day at a time and watched the positions of the moons. If Rhea dione or tethys looked like transiting, then i revered and forwarded the time using the hour field, and then the minutes to get rough start and finish times for each event. Rhea seems to transit at midnight-ish every nine days currently. Not sure about tethys or dione, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out, I havent bothered as i am not sure just how possible they are to observe, astronomy now didn't class anything smaller than Rhea as a 'viable target'. But i have seen Paul Abel draw a Dione shadow transit.
  23. It's Rheas shaddow, titan's is bigger. Look at some of the images on ALPO Japan, in particular Chris Go, he seems to capture them as an ocupational hazard! chris
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