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  1. Good idea. I will try as soon as clear skies. The reason behind the diagonal is to protect the camera . Thanks , I will report back.
  2. Hi all, I am a newbie and need help. I attached a Canon T5i using T-2 ring and DP2S adapter to a 8SE, In the telescope I attached the reducer f/6.3 and a 2" diagonal. Not sure what I am doing wrong, I am using live view, but can't see anything (turned focus knob all the way counterclockwise and clockwise all the way). Before I connected the camera I made sure I centred (in this case) Rigel with a 32mm lens (my finder is spot on with the lens - so I can verify Rigel is in centre as I try to focus). Tried with manual and automatic shooting settings on camera. Any help is really appreciated
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