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  1. Hi, Autumn is here in Norway which means I can start using my scope again. My setup: Nexstar 6SE on a wedge with a Canon 100D connected. I never seem to get my images right. There are always some strange looking stars and I am trying to figure out if this is related to Collimation, Tracking, Focus or something else. Focus: (Vega) 30sec Exposure of Vega: As you can see Vega looks OK, but all surrounding stars seems to be having some issues. Is there a clear indication based on Your expertise on where my problem might be? 50sec exposure of M57 (Ring Nebula) Thanks. Stian
  2. Hi, I have started flocking my Nexstar 6SE and I have been reading up on some threads here. Does anyone know the dimensions of the primary mirror baffle tube (or only the rear baffle tube) as I am struggling find the correct dimensions for the cut. br Stian
  3. Hi, what scope would be preferred for dso imaging with a dslr? (Mount = HEQ5) price up to 1000£ br Stian
  4. Hi, My setup today is: Nexstar 6SE w/Original Mount + Celestron EQ Wedge Sky-Watcher 9x50 + QHYL5-ii for guiding Canon 100d attached via a focal reducer I have been experimenting a bit with PHD2 (10-20 hours) with limited results which I suspect is related to the accuracy of my mount. I am now considering to upgrade my mount to a HEQ5 Pro Synscan- - Does anyone know the difference in accuracy between my current mount / HEQ5? Can I expect to do longer exposures with the HEQ5? (If I manage to polar allign / use PHD2 properly) - Would this be a good choice considering future upgrades ie buying a telescope more compatible with DSO imaging (150p / 200p) br Stian
  5. Hi, I am having some issues with getting the calibration and guide to work with my setup and was hoping for some inputs. ps. This is my first attempt with PHD2. Setup: Nexstar 6SE - Standard mount with wedge. Sky-watcher 9x50 with a QHY5L-ii connected. After calibration ends it gives a warning: The RA and DEC rates vary by an unexpected amount. Here is some log information after ~10min guiding: Guiding Begins at 2016-02-25 19:28:49 Dither = both axes, Dither scale = 1.000, Image noise reduction = none, Guide-frame time lapse = 0, Server enabled Pixel scale = 4.30 arc-sec/px, Binning = 1, Focal length = 180 mm Search region = 15 px, Star mass tolerance = 50.0% Equipment Profile = Nexstar 6SE Camera = QHY 5L-II Color, gain = 90, full size = 1280 x 960, have dark, dark dur = 2000, no defect map, pixel size = 3.8 um Exposure = 2000 ms Mount = Celestron 6/8 SE 4.21, connected, guiding enabled, xAngle = 72.5, xRate = 2.061, yAngle = 163.9, yRate = 1.685 X guide algorithm = Hysteresis, Hysteresis = 0.100, Aggression = 0.700, Minimum move = 0.290 Y guide algorithm = Resist Switch, Minimum move = 0.290 Aggression = 90% FastSwitch = disabled Backlash comp = disabled, pulse = 0 ms Calibration step = phdlab_placeholder, Max RA duration = 2500, Max DEC duration = 3000, DEC guide mode = Auto RA Guide Speed = 7.5 a-s/s, Dec Guide Speed = 7.5 a-s/s, Cal Dec = -5.2, Last Cal Issue = Rates, Timestamp = 2/25/2016 7:28:49 PM Dec = -5.2 deg, Hour angle = 0.89 hr, Pier side = Unknown, Rotator pos = N/A Lock position = 847.259, 403.265, Star position = 847.259, 403.265, HFD = 6.10 px Used settings: Based on the above, any hints / inputs would really be appreciated. Thanks. Stian
  6. Hi Olly, Thanks, posting one of the original lights which has not been cropped. Here You also see some strange reflections or similar in the bottom. Also posted another pic here where it is clearly something wrong: Will do some tests related to collimation tonight with / without the focal reducer attached.
  7. Hi, Just wanted to share my 3rd attempt at M42. Using a Nexstar 6SE w/Wedge/Focal Reducer/Canon 100D. 47x45s@ISO800 Stacked with DSS Tried to adjust some levels / curves in PS. Inputs for improvement are very welcome. (Both on scope / mount / camera settings + PS) (I am trying to setup PHD2 guiding, but sofar feedback from PHD2 is that RA & DEC vary to much)
  8. Thanks all for the quick replies. No dew shield yet, but will purchase one in the near future.
  9. Hi, I have noticed some marks on my corrector plate. Question is if this affects the quality of my views / images. Should it be cleaned or left as it is?
  10. OK, Thanks. Picking up a QHY5L-ii tomorrow and plan to use it for guiding with my 9x50. Will be interesting to see if I can manage with it.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Managed to test the setup on Sunday. So I had to do a 2 star align first to get the scope tracking. Turned out astrotortilla is a great tool for polar align (forgot to mention that I have a wedge).
  12. Hi, Attached photo shows Aldebaran taken with a Nexstar 6SE, Focal reducer (6.3) and a Canon 100d. Is the effect seen in the photo related to focus or some other known issue that I could get rid of? br Stian
  13. Hi, Quick question. Do I have to align my mount prior to using Astrotortilla? Or does Astrotortilla actually take care of the tracking as well? (Using a combination of Stellarium / Astrotortilla / NextRemote / Nexstar 6SE br Stian
  14. Hi, I just replaced my reddot with a 9x50 sky-watcher. Waiting for clear skies, but I hope it willwork fine. br/ Stian
  15. Thanks. I am downloading a huge amount of fits now it seems. Will give it a try tonight. Astrometry.net says: (Based on http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/958865#annotated) Size: 72.5 x 48.3 arcmin
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