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  1. I know a light from a plane and the jet you saw might be near your place and not near our's
  2. I forgot to say that it's not visible to the naked eye
  3. It's a clear night and I have not seen any clouds. If I only have a smartphone, I could have checked stellarium but it's in my computer so... Maybe I will just rewind stellarium
  4. IIt's still an option and I just asked if which is scope is better then I will move on to picking id I will save on the Meade Lightbridge Mini or the Skywatcher Heritage but I'm sure there will be more to be added on my choices if my savings goes up...
  5. Hello there and I know I've been asking some questions on what to buy so I just found POBOX and Borderlinx which will shop (+ 5% of the price) and ship the product to my current location. After surfing the internet, I went by FLO and saw 2 telescopes by skywatcher, the Heritage 100p and the 130p, I don't which is better because the 100p includes a barlow lens and the 130p has more aperture. Which should I buy after saving some money?
  6. Well, I only use a 20x50 binocs for now so I'm sure you are more amazed than me
  7. Amazing report and M42 is my first messier too
  8. I was just observing M42 with my binoculars then I looked at M45 and a bright ball just passed on M45 moving about southwest of M45, It has no tails or something but it gets off my view after about less than 10 secs. Can you Identify it?
  9. Woah, almost looks like a picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in my opinion.
  10. Wow, didn't know sagittaurus points to the milky way's center...
  11. Cool, took me a while to find and identify M45 and saw Hyades afterwards
  12. Amazing! and you went from beginner to a profession in a year? Cool!
  13. Hello there, I would just like to ask you if you can tell me your favorite constellation and why? Let's share some information about why it's our favorite. Mine's Orion because It is easily seen and easy to recognize celestial bodies especially Rigel, Betelgeuse and the M42 (Orion Nebula).
  14. I do have a pair of Bushnell Powerview 20x50 binoculars and have been observing some things in some constellation.
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