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  1. @bran thanx so I have to unsrew it the attached then attach my scope there that means I have to completely remove it the attached and the screw the scope there Is that correct @jemc thanx but I know that but the thing was how to attach it
  2. Hi as this is my first eq5 mount I dont Know how to attach apolarscope to my mount I checked every tutorial they are showing how to use it but not ho to attach it http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-polarscope-for-eq3-2-eq5.html
  3. Hi Ibought a eq5 mount and a telescope with dual axis kit but before I tell things I felt eq5 is hard than ALT-AZ, My place is Indore where LAt is 22 degree so it was impossible for me to get that It was not going down below 25 Second Is there any tutorial to how use eq5 mount perfectly and IS dual axis motor slow ? I found that it so slow I had to use knob to move around quickly I thought Dual axis would be quick like a goto even at 8x I found It was very slow
  4. thq everyone So if I want to buy an H-alpha camera where should look I cant send my camera to life pixel as they are only having this facility but I am also getting fullspectrum dslr for low prices...
  5. Lol... Right now I am heading for dslr astrophotography Till I get a DA MD and a telescope I have a dob right now.. I have checked online some say for astrophotography you just need a UV/IR I read some where you need HA filter for nebula I am getting 700d 60d 600d 1200d Fullspectrum modified The things it different post made me confused. So What you suggest? Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
  6. as this is will be my frst modified dslr before I have takedn pic with phone only so I need to know is what should I have to after buying a full spectrum dslr for astrophotography
  7. with fullspectrum I want to do astrophotography what things I need to do for it... to take pictures of dso, planets etc... What exactly I need to do ?.. is H-alpha conversion is better or fullspectrum?
  8. as my dslr is unmodified and i live in a city I want nebulae seen to clear or more I clear I live in a light pollution area so I want more clear picture for imaging
  9. yes I looked for them but they are not shipping to India
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