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  1. Hello, I haven't taken the scope out for a year so I'm a bit... rusty. The other day I took some shots of NGC 1566 and I've been attempting the processing now following the light vortex tutorial. Just as I was about to do the cosmetic correction I noticed my light frames have been ruined, by looks like my master dark (not sure about master flat/dark flat) Why has this happened? Why did my dark frames come out like this? What is my solution now? Photos taken on asi1600mm pro cooled through a Skywatcher 200p. Calibration frames were taken the morning after shooting. I have lig
  2. Hi guys, I've currently got a Skywatcher 200p (f.5) on an NEQ6 PRO mount and an unmodified Canon 750D camera. I'm a little unsatisfied with the setup even though I'm no professional at astrophotography but I'd rather have great equipment with a steep learning curve and master that slowly. I want to buy some now and not have to upgrade again later, i mean unless i win the lottery lol. My current plan is to invest in an autoguiding setup (ZWO 60280 Guidescope + ZWO ASI290MM Mini Autoguider) as well as the QHYCCD Polemaster and a PixInsight license. This is separate to the scope/camera
  3. What guidescope/camera would you recommend Ken's?
  4. Thank you for responding I'm glad ti hear my mount should be able to perform better. Ithink I'm pretty decided on getting the polemaster for alignment based on feedback
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it. What should I look for in an autoguiding setup? Do you have any recommendations for products? I feel like a fish out of water and not sure where to find this information. I'm not sure if there are compatibility issues with setups etc.
  6. Hello everyone, I have an 8" Skywatcher 200p (f5) OTA on a NEQ6 Pro mount. I have been practicing taking prime focus photos with my Canon 750D, but come to a problem where I can't seem to get longer than 20-30 second exposures before my stars start looking elongated and needless ti say the target moves off screen after about 2+ hours. As I'm in australia polar aligning has been a major pain. My question - if I was to fork out half a grand for the polemaster and finally be able ti achieve an accurate polar alignment, would that solve my photographing woes or will that not be enough to ach
  7. oh nevermind! i thought the ra and dec locks had to be loose so it could rotate, but read elsewhere that it should be tightened, and... it worked. who would've guessed. lol
  8. Hello, Bought and received my Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro mount yesterday along with a Skywatcher 12v 17ah power supply. This is my first goto mount (had a non computerised EQ5 previously). We've updated the firmware, balanced the scope and tried playing around with the slewing on the hand controller. The mount will only slew in certain directions and not in others dependant on the starting orientation of the telescope. Declination seems to be the biggest culprit. Also is it supposed to sound so loud when it slews/doesn't slew? Any advice would be appreciated, we are out of ideas about how to get
  9. Hey guys, So i bought my first telescope about a year ago, its a SkyWatcher 200p 8" f/5 on an EQ5 mount. Unfortunately i haven't taken it out as much as I'd have liked, but i still LOVE looking through it. I've found the standard eyepieces severely lacking and it really takes away from my enjoyment (eg. I get excited about seeing a planet but then it just looks like a large yellow star, no detail whatsoever visible).... My birthday is coming up, and family have offered to buy me some eyepieces yay... budget would be no more than $300, aud, so probably about £150.
  10. aaaahh sigh i feel like i'm left with more questions now than answers! LOL so much different advice. i thought i had a grasp at things but i'm left pulling my hair not knowing where to go from here. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to respond and give suggestions. I really do want to do both observation and imaging, but imaging is definitely the priority if i had to choose. First i thought 150, then everyone was saying 200 is better, now smaller is better for photography? I was under the impression small focal ratio was better for deep sky and large for close planets, but mike y
  11. Thank you to everyone for responding. Astrophotgraphy is definitely my interest. I had a think about your suggestion and had a look at some of my options. Would you think a Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS EQ5 would be good? It's got the nice 8inch aperture everyone was recommending. I have read on this forum that really a minimum of a heq5 mount is needed, but i just can't afford it. would an eq5 be sufficient for short exposure/casual photography?
  12. hi charic! thanks so much for responding. I have read a lot of good things about dobsonians but for some reason i just seem to be avoiding them. maybe because they look so huge and as a tiny 5'1 female i dont think i can lift that anywhere lol and living in the subrusb of melbourne, ill be wanting to take it somewhere darker for viewing. Or do you think ill find the same problem with the scopes i found too? i notice the celestron is about the same weight but i couldnt find the weight of the other two.
  13. Hey guys! new to the forum here but have been reading many posts! I've been a long time star gazer (with the naked eye) but just very casually (seeing meteor showers etc). For a long time i've been wanting to get a telescope and make this a serious hobby. Having absolutely no clue about telescopes whatsoever i soon realized i had jumped into the deep end and was a little overwhelmed with all the information and choices out there. So i started doing some research and feel that i have a very basic understanding now, but i was hoping to get some advise. From my understanding, i'm after a roughly
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