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  1. Keltoi

    Hello from Cyprus

    Hi Bob welcome, I was born in Cyrpus at RAF Akrotiri, will be over in February for the first time since I was 2.
  2. down load the skywatcher synscn app for android/apple or pc to use with skywatcher wifi adapter.
  3. mobile phone and VR headset (eyeset?) sounds like it would actually be quiet an amazing way to do astronomy and not overly difficult to implement id think.
  4. hi may I ask what settings you use for the gpcam? Also have a 130p f5 on heritage mini dob with goto and 200p on eq5 with astroeq and the gpcam but as of yet have had no luck in even seeing a single star via the cam. can get it working in daylight but no luck at night yet so its obv settings I'm getting wrong, so any guidance would be great.
  5. thanks Tangelo and Happy Kat, have emailed the brazilian guy but no reply so will prob look into the adapter from 365 Astonomy thanks for link Happy Kat
  6. skywatcher heritage 130p mini dob. good optics, nice light and portable great starter scope and fantastic bang for money
  7. just been given this scope as a birthday present and want to control it remotely. you say you have it working with android + Bluetooth, mind sharing details, i.e what ap, what Bluetooth dongle etc. is it a do it yourself project or is it something that's plug n play? thanks
  8. did you have to make your own brackets up? any thing else needed to upgrade? i.e is it just a matter of replaced the standard motors with these or do I need new controller boards etc?
  9. what motors do you use on the eq5 with astroeq? got same mount and astroeq with the standard dual axis motors which am sure you know are kinda slow for slewing. also looking at ordering the gpcam , overall whats your opinion on it? easy to set up? possible to use as an EAA,
  10. thanks DoctorD cant find the manual at moment but did manage to get an image in nightime , a lit up shop window about 1/2 mile away . so def a good start thanks, now just need a decent clear night and my laptop back off my son to try for real.
  11. hi got a video camera of one of the other site members and have got it working with scope in daylight, however at night all I seem to get is noise. so wondering if anyone else uses this type camera and can share their settings with me please? using Sharpcap thanks in advance
  12. as a new comer to astronomy and hoping to start video astronomy soon lol, this is an awesome video very inspirational. will be using a skywatcher 200p on a motorised EQ5 with a Samsung sb200 clone video camera. just hope I can get some where near what you get. any advice on best software to use for recording the video ? will be using a laptop with windows 10. thanks
  13. doesn't get close enough to focus to say. i.e when pointed at a street light 1/2 mile away all you see is an orange glow covering the full fov. Is impossible to see any change in the glow at either max or min adjustment of the primary lens.
  14. yes have the motors brackets and aduino etc all ready, atm just trying to sort out a guide cam and will hopefully integrate that also
  15. as title says I need some help with my xbox cam and finder scope. can not seem to get any focus on webcam at all. am using an adapter and have even tried making one that brings the webcam module into the end of the finder scope. Finder scope is a 9x50 straight thru Skywatcher which focuses fine on its own. have also tried the cam in the main Scope focuser in place of EP, again using the correct phillips type adapter but again can not get it to focus. have also tried a 2x and a 3x barlow with no luck. any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
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