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  1. I managed to see Jupiter and three of its moons last Sunday night. Very happy with myself as I still don't know my way round the sky. Next target us Saturn, when I can find it.
  2. These binoculars are on Amazon for £64 at the moment, are they worth buying? Please advise.
  3. These binoculars are on Amazon for £64 at the moment, are they worth buying? Please advise.
  4. I had my first close look of the moon with my Sky watcher 4" 500mm focal length. I believe Uranus was just behind the moon tonight but couldn't see it, possibly because of the brightness of the moon. Anyway, very pleased with my first step into astronomy. Can't wait for Mars, Venus etc .... now.
  5. The mount is AZ Tracking. It has a remote control command but I don't know how to use it yet. I guess I have a lot to learn still..!!
  6. The instruction manual says: AZ tracking. I believe it is auto tracking but I don't know how to use it yet. A lot to learn yet!
  7. I love my cycling too but at the age of 65, my speed is not great. I have a Garmin 200 which covers my needs perfectly. I only cycle in good weather so winter time is a bit restricting. I tend to go on rollers then. I have two road bikes, a Specialized Allez and Giant Defy4. My greatest achievement was to go up part of the Mont Ventoux last year. Couldn't go all the way due to bad weather and high winds at the top.
  8. Hello. I live in beautiful North Wales and my wife bought me 3 sky watchers telescopes. D127 F 1500 D102 F 500 D102 F 1300 Also 20 and 10 eye pieces. Frankly ,I am only interested in seeing the moon, Mars, Venus and possibly other planets but they may be too far away for my present gear. What do you think? I intend to join astronomy classes locally I hope to gather a lot of info from this site but feel that my present equipment may be slightly below par compared to more advanced members. Thank you for reading this.
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