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  1. I can't take the credit for the Crab Nebula. It was found for me. On my own I doubt I would have spotted it.
  2. Went to my first meeting of Cleveland and Darlington Astronomical Society last night. As I left I noticed the sky was starting to clear a bit, so grabbed the new bins I got for Christmas. The talk was very enjoyable and afterwards they said we might be able to spot a few things outside using a couple of scopes they brought along and they opened their observatory. The skies had partially clouded over, but started to clear again as we allowed our eyes to accustomise to the dark. It was a noticeably darker sky than my back garden, and I quickly spotted Orion's belt, had a look through my bins an
  3. Went to my first meeting last night. Thoroughly enjoyable and a nice bunch of people.
  4. Thanks for the link to the Dewshield on the Telrad.
  5. I got the 10x50 bins. Quality bit of kit, but nothing but cloud every night so far lol.
  6. Decided on the Pentax Bins, and found my missus got them from FLO this morning, along with Telrad and RACI finder for my scope. Awesome! Btw, she said the service was first class all the way.
  7. Decided to get the Pentax Bins in the end, and this morning found my missus had got them from FLO along with a Telrad and RACI finder for my scope. Awesome! Btw, she said the service from FLO was first class, from communication through to delivery. Sorry wrong place lol.
  8. Hi Mark and welcome to SGL.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. Hope you have a great time with your new scope.......if we ever get some decent weather!
  10. Bioboybill

    Good Morning

    Hi Fey. Welcome to SGL. I'm a Londoner too, but trapped in Smoggie land lol.
  11. Hi Joe. Welcome to SGL. Hope you get some clear skies for Christmas.
  12. My son is over in Finland for a week as part of his teacher training mid January. I take it he will need to wrap up? Lol.
  13. Hi Bob. Welcome to SGL. Hope you get your clear skies soon!
  14. Whoops! Didn't mean to upset anybody with that link to EBay. Looking a bit closer it does appear that those bins are indeed grey imports, so the UK warranty wouldn't apply. That would put me off to be fair. I once bought a video camera that was a grey import, and when I had a problem several months later I was snookered.
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