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  1. cheers for the replies and help guys much appreciated
  2. hey people, was wondering if this book is a good book to read to get an understanding of astronomy in general and to learn about astronomy https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Universe-Third-Stacy-Palen/dp/0393631710 cheers
  3. Does anyone here go to places other than their backyard to observe? how safe would it be to go to say the middle of a public park away from streetlights and observe from there every once in a while? is there anyone here who does this? do you have any tips. i live in NZ and are trying to think of new ideas/places to go to observe, i live in a city unfortunately so have to deal with an annoying street light outside my home which blocks a lot out!!! GRRR. I dont belong to any astronomy clubs. i observe with a pair of big binos and a tripod along with a bag o books full of info. and a tablet for the tekky stuff. i a.so have access to a car any advice/ help/ tips would be much appreciated
  4. Hi there fellow astronomers I'm in the southern hemisphere from New Zealand. I have a pair of Saxon 30 x 80WP binoculars, (I'm guessing that they're almost as powerful as a small telescope.) so tonight I figured that with good skies overhead lights, I'd head out to my back garden for some astronomy... I was trying to find the rose head nebula well at least I think that's what it's called, to start my search I started with the belt of Orion... Moved my way down till I found betleguese then moved up till I saw what I thought looked like NCG 2186.. From here I got lost... I was using my Android tablet which has Sky Safari 5 pro on it to help me out but I still got lost! I finished up my search with "a general scout around the area" of sky where I thought it could be but I was unsuccessful ?? so after being eaten slightly by mosquitoes and having a sore neck I decided to retire to my bed for the night. Was wondering if anyone here could help me out or give me some advice /tips on searching for items in the sky / help to find the rose head nebula.. Clear skies to you all.. Mattiman
  5. thats very true moonshed yes very true. im still young but as i grow older and wiser im sure i too will see more objects the more i use them hahaha cheers for the comment.
  6. thanks for the comment moonshed. i appreciate it. i do agree with the FOV comment. my binos have a FOV of about 2- degrees which is quite small and sometimes i go to look through the and ive missed the object, i.e. im too low or too high but all of that comes with experience i guess.
  7. Hi people.. My name is Matthew. I live in New Zealand. I have been here in the past and went away from astronomy for a long while and my binoculars sat in the cupboard and weren't used till a few days ago I was outside and looked up and the "bug" took a firm grip and I got the urge to try again. Anyways I went out in my back garden armed with my binoculars tripod fold up chair laptop some books and a headlight. I managed to identify Taurus and saw the 7 sisters otherwise known as the Pleiades cluster. I know too many of you this won't sound very amazing but to me it was huge with the help of stellarium I was able to find the constellation triangulum which was exciting. I also saw the Orion nebula for the first time absolutely amazing! For those of you wondering I use a Saxon 30x80 binocular and a Celestron trailseeker tripod. I can see some of the northern sky and eastern sky from my back garden so not a lot of sky but it's enough to learn from. I've attached a picture of my setup. Thanks for your time and I hope you all find this a pleasure to read. Clear skies!
  8. wow thanks for the advice Stu will look at doing this in future. to answer your question, no i haven't looked at purchasing one as i don't really have the room to store one unfortunately
  9. Hi people. i am recently new to Astronomy. i have purchased myself a pair of Saxon 30x80WP Binos about 6 months ago ( little bit of background) at the time i was on a farm in a rural area so dark skies were at my beck and call whenever conditions were right however i now have unfortunately had to move to the city for work so i've had to give up my dark skies and i was wondering how you guys that live in cities manage to observe with all the light pollution of street light and cars going by ect ect. Any help/ advice will be much appreciated cheers Mattiman
  10. Hi guys I have a pair of Saxon 30 x 80 binoculars. I'm a beginner in astronomy and I went home to my parents dairy farm about 3 weeks ago. (Which is the ideal observing place. . Dark skies, I apologize if I make any of you jealous) I went out for a sesh with Orion the Hunter. I had anticipated finding the great Orion nebula. However instead I came across a "fuzzy cloud" I was very unsure as to what this was so I continued to scan the constellation in utter disbelief at the amount of stars up there!! However I kept coming back to this"fuzzy cloud" in awe and wonder as to what is was. The hours just fly out there so round 11:00pm I decide to head in as I'm getting a little sleepy. A few weeks go by and my curiosity gets the better of me so I had a look in a few astronomy books that I've brought in recent weeks and months. I have now discovered that what I seem to had concluded at the time as the Orion nebula was actually in fact the horsehead nebula. I have read different things online about this being a very elusive target. However I'm not so sure. I mean I'm a beginner and I managed to find it fairly easily with a little scanning. It was a sight I'll never forget. Cheers and thanks for reading this report. Mattiman Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  11. no it doesn't. im gonna presume that its for the northern hemiphere?
  12. hi guys im wondering if y'all can help me. i brought a book called DK planisphere and starfinder. i has a planishphere included for the latitude of 55 degrees North. i live in new zealand and the description when i brought it said it could be used anywhere in the world. only thing is i don't know how to use the planisphere. i have watchedd a few you tube clips as well but i still dont get it. i have attached a picture of it as well any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance Mattiman
  13. Cheers David looks great[emoji1] [emoji1] Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  14. hi guys i have found a small kit online a small kit for darwing.. see this link. http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Toys/General-Pencil-SketchMate-Charcoal-and-Graphite-Drawing-Kit-General-Pencil/0044974497497 as well as something like that i may also look at getting a little clip on light such as this (or similar) and a A5 Spiral bound notebook http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Health/Easy-Provider-Clip-on-Dual-2-Arm-4-LED-Book-Reading-Music-Stand-Light-Lamp/6916730378422 will this do to get me started in Astro sketching?, i am a beginner but i am wanting to try my hand at sketching along with recording my observations. i already have a compass. let me know what y'all think Cheers Mattiman
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