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  1. thanks everyone for your help. Ronin i think im going to go for the one you suggested.....Link is: http://www.firstligh...os-lt-60az.html they have a deal saying Buy the Celestron Cosmos LT 60AZ and Celestron 2x Barlow to save £5, what is a.....Celestron 2x Barlow ??? should i get this ??
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice! i will look into everything you have said. Dont have an amount in mind, have no idea what the cost for these are. I found a childrens one in a store for £15.00 but im sure he wont be seeing much with that lol.
  3. Hi, My son is really intrested in the moon and stars and has asked for a telescope for christmas. He is young - only 4years old. I have no idea where to start with looking for one, could anyone recommend somewhere to get one from ? I dont want a really cheap one that will break in 2 seconds, as I would love to have a look myself. iv seen a few on the maplins website but i dont have a clue what im looking at! Any help would be great. Thanks in advance H x
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