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    Astronomy, Snowboarding, riding motorbikes, scuba diving, but to name a few....... LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX I SAY.
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  1. sexysi

    Hi from Kent, UK

    Hi, mate where in kent are you based? Oh and welcome si
  2. Also been looking at tracking software for the camera. Like the look of backyardEOS or BackyardNikon. I love Nikons so use them. But please check what cameras are supported by the software. ie: Just bought a Nikon 3100, with live view and found that it isn't supported on the software......great. So check the supported lists, Ie a Nikon D5000 and 5100 are supported. Lots on here use Cannons, but some of the older Cannons are not supported either. Try and get a camera that has Live view on it as well, as at least you can see the image on a screen, not by looking through the view finder. £140 should get you a DSLR off ebay, but again there are a couple of gotchas on there. With my Nikon, ask for a shutter count, to see how much the camera has been used. My Nikon had 4000 images taken which is low for a 3 year old camera, but if the count is 20k, get a different one. si
  3. Here are a couple of images i got from my 6se. Moon taken with Nikon D40 iso 800 si
  4. I used to have a 6se, great for planets, via video cam connected to the end. Tried doing deep space stuff, but failed. I found that mounting another scope on top over weighted the mount, so couldn't guide. And TBH all i put on was a ST80 weighing 2kg's. Now sorry to say onto a HEQ5 mount, for DSO pictures. Expensive but well worth it. si
  5. I started out with a Nexstar 6" and it was ok for planets and the moon extra, but after a while you loose interested in such stuff. So gave it all a rest for a couple of years, now i have come back with the aim to take those fab pixs that you see people taking of orion etc etc with all the colours. For me this is the draw, to take a picture of something you cant really see and see it turn into a WOW image. Hence my latest setup, which doesn't brake the bank, but hopefully will take some half decent pictures, you will get bored of taking pictures of the plants, I believe its the Deep space stuff that makes it all interesting. Hence my setup in the signature. si
  6. Like the look of these, very interesting. si
  7. In my other hobbies i use 2 x Gopro Hero 3 cameras. Is there any use in astrophotography for the little things. Maybe as a guide camera or to do moon videos etc. They have got to be better than the standard cheap and cheerful, moon video cameras. Seems a shame to spend out a couple of hundred quid on a guide camera, when I have two perfectly guide cameras that will film in 2.7k and take pictures of 12m pixels plus. Cheers Si
  8. Lol. Gonna work with nikon atm. As i only got it yesterday and it is in mint condition. Does the nikon need to be modded. If so what needs doing.
  9. The reason for the Nikon, is I have always had them, gave my son my old D40, which he loves, so will never really go over to the Cannon side. I would rather get a CCD next, at £600. lol si
  10. I think nikontrol 3k works with it as well. Have you managed to get it to work on the digicamcontrol, just been looking at that. I supposed if it is set right to start with and as you say it is in the FOV and being tracked, then i can leg it back in doors and set some shots taken....... fingers crossed. si
  11. Great just found out that the Backyard Nikon doesn't support the Nikon d3100, something to do with no SDK available..... great. si
  12. Excellent seems like i will be buying this software, thanks brttpaul si
  13. Weight limit of a HEQ5, someone posted a list of all the limits, re asto photos and how much each mount would take. I know I'm well under the limit with mine. SW ST80 2kgs SW 130dps OTA 4kgs Nikon D3100 777 grams. So my total sits now at 6.8kgs. Erm what else can I stick on there? Ta
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